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Awesome Fashion From BBW Reunion Episode 1

This piece was designed especially for Evelyn by Jason Sky. (photos from VH1)

The showstoppers of the evening.

Forget the drama for a minute, and let’s take a look at the great fashion from Monday’s reunion episode. The ladies really out did themselves wearing looks that not only pushed their own style limits, but kept us waiting for more for second part of the reunion.  Evelyn is all about showing her unbelievable abs this season and this fairytale look completes that, not to mention those runway princess stiletto Louboutins. And her hair up in a bun totally put the look together. Jennifer looked such a doll in a romantic one-piece jumper. But, the piece looked slightly too big for her. Kenya looked very sophisticated, yet futuristic in a black and metallic  suit by Herve Leger. Honestly, Royce and Keisha kept their stripper look going. Keisha’s dress was sort of cute with mesh-looking cut-outs on the side. And Royce’s heel-less pumps made us do a double-take. But, Shaunie’s look was ultimately our favorite. A pink tux? Who does that? She always has a way of pulling off a classy look  a more mature and sexy look without showing excess skin. Her shoes, on the other hand, were a bit granny/prom. And our favorite snitch Suzie looked really cute and mature in black bandage dress. I’m loving her blonde locks and braces were a good decision. I also liked her silvery pumps. Tamie Roman looked really nice in a metallic gold dress and a turquoise accented necklace. 


Shaunie in Emilio Pucci





















Tami Roman Back on Twitter, but who Cares?

What’s with the quit Twitter craze? I mean, first it was Nicki Minaj and then several weeks ago, Basketball Wives star Tami Roman quit the social networking site by “deleting” her page. However, that only lasted a mere week and Tami was right back with all her followers in tack. Roman apparently deleted her page after a huge backlash from BBA views about her extreme bullying to co-star Keisha Nichols. T he reality star also says that many viewers were posting mean things about her on her two daughters Twitter pages, as well. A couple weeks ago, Tami appeared on Wendy Williams and talked about the effect the show and the negativity has had on her daughters. If at all interested, you can re-follow her @TamiRoman.

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