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Oscar Moments you Didn’t See!!

Three Generations of beauty and talent: Meryl Streep, Taylor Swift and Jaime King danced the night away to Pharrell Williams "Happy."

Three Generations of beauty and talent: Meryl Streep, Taylor Swift and Jaime King danced the night away to Pharrell Williams “Happy.”

Ryan Seacrest unwinds before the Oscars start filming.

Ryan Seacrest unwinds before the Oscars start filming.

20140304-101411.jpgCAPTION:Brad Pitt and Steve McQueen rave after receiving the Best Picture Oscar for Twelve Years a Slave.


Last Night’s Grammys 2014 – Watch the Performances!

No doubt about it. The Grammys were jam packed with historic performances. Almost every stage collaboration had not only a special meaning to the artists performing, but was a brilliant mesh of legendary classics and new school hitmakers.

First off was Beyonce, who was just a delight because she performed every girl’s favorite song right now Drunk in Love, with hubby Jay-Z. Many are saying that Bey’s performance was bad and seemed very rushed, But quite the contrary. We think Bey was just having a great time and it was so cute to see Bey big upping her Jigga man’s “surfboard.” LOL

For us hip hop heads, the disappointment of the evening was Kendrick Lamar not taking home Best Rap Album of the Year, but he blew our minds with his performance of MADD City, along with Imagine Dragons, proving once again that he has his audience on the edge of their seats each and every time.

The two remaining Beatles Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr performed for the first time in five years. The duo sang McCartney’s song Queenie Eye.

The performance of the evening that was a disappointment was Daft Punk and Pharrell Williams’ singing their hit Get Lucky with Stevie Wonder. It did seem quite  unrehearsee; not to mention both Pharrell and Stevie were off key and hitting wrong notes most of the song. Stevie we know you’re a legend, but that doesn’t mean your audience will enjoy or even respect an unprofessional performance. On the other hand, we do applaud producer Pharrell winning 4 Grammys, including Producer of the Year.

P!nk gave a refreshing performance of her beautiful song Love Again ft. Nate Reuss (whose voice is just breathtaking might we add.) The first part of her song, she performed on an aerial trapeze (similar to the Cirque du Soliel acts.)


What’s all This Rodman/Korea Hoopla? PLUS Watch Footage of the Game

This is mainly for all the ladies who had been wondering what this Dennis Rodman hoopla is all about. I’m  a basketball fan and even a Rodman fan, but I’m not that politically inclined, soooo when I saw the NBA star going off (once again) with some guy on CNN, I had to find out what was really going on.

Dennis Rodman was in North Korea with other former NBA players for a basketball game against the North Korean Senior National Team on the birthday of the country’s leader, the infamous Kim Jong Un.

The American team consisted of OG players Kenny Anderson, Cliff Robinson, Vin Baker, Craig Hodges, Doug Christie, and Charles D. Smith.

Kim Jong Un, an actual friend of Rodman’s,  imprisoned Kenneth Bae, a Korean-American Christian missionary who was  sentenced to 15 years hard labor.

Rodman, the controversial former NBA star  elicited widespread condemnation Tuesday when he suggested in an exclusive interview with Chris Cuomo of CNN’s “New Day” that  Bae had done something to deserve his 15-year sentence.

After Rodman apologized for his comments regarding  Bae and for flipping out on Cuomo, he then said it was not his job to address concerns about the repressive state of Korea or  lobby for the release of the detained U.S. citizen.

What was shocking, even for supporters of the American team to watch, was Rodman (on Wednesday) leading a singalong of “Happy Birthday” to the leader of North Korea, a man he calls a friend and a “very good guy,” but considered by many a brutal dictator who recently ordered the execution of his own uncle.

That same day, Bae’s family accused Rodman of “playing games” with Bae’s life. Relatives and U.S. officials have insisted Bae committed no crime.

In the end, North Korea won the game.

Fellow player Charles D. Smith later admitted that he felt the game may have been a mistake due to the Bae situation, but said he would continue to stand strong with his decision to play the game. 

Click to see Very Detailed Photos of the Team’s Trip to Korea!


WINNER !”★American Idol Finale Candice Glover-I Who have nothing★”


Argo Wins Best Motion Picture

Top Winners:

Don Cheadle – Best Male Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – House of Lies

Girls – Best TV Comedy

Argo – Best Motion Picture 

Les Miserables– Best Motion Picture Comedy or Musical

Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer Lawrence – Best Actress in a Comedy or MusicalSilver Linings Playbook



Christoph Waltz – Best Supporting Actor – Django Unchained

Ben Affleck- Best Director – Argo

 Claire Danes     – Best Female ” ” – Homeland

Brave -Best Animated Feature Film


Canibus Gets Wrecked on the Mic; Pulls out Notes During Freestyle

This rap battle between legend Canibus and battle rapper Dizaster is definitely worth the 49 minutes. Canibus kills Dizaster in the first round, but it’s all down hill from there. Canibus pitifully declares the winner at the end and even pulls out notes to get through an embarassing last round.



The fifth season of my favorite show PROJECT RUNWAY has come to a close.

Last night former graphic designer Leanne Marshall was named the winner of the show.

The finale was a bit lackluster this season, especially since guest judge J Lo dropped out at the last minute because of a foot injury, which left no star judge for the season finale.

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