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Rihanna and Drake Show PDA in Manchester


CAPTION: Drizzy and RiRi were fully aware of cameras flashing around them while they cuddled and even kissed after his Manchester show. Sources say she spent the night with him at an area hotel.

TMZ – Click Here

Juicy Talks on Hot 97

In this recent interview, Juicy J speaks on a plethora of topics like working with pop queens Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus. Juicy says he’s a nice, peaceful guy put on this earth to “make music, f*** h***, drink.” Lol, mission accomplished!


Full Cast of TLC Movie Released!


The real Chili with Keke.

The full cast of VH1’s movie Crazy Sexy Cool:TLC has been released and the list is great!

As earlier reported, Lil Mama will play the late Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez and KeKe Palmer will play Rozonda “Chili” Thomas.

The rest of the cast includes Drew Sidora ( from That’s so Raven,) who will play Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins.

Carl Anthony Payne ( from Cosby Show and Martin) will play LA Reid. Rochelle Aytes (from That’s so Raven will play Pebbles ( and probably the villain of the movie since TLC claims the manager robbed them blind.)

The film was written by Kate Lanier, who also wrote the screenplay for the (slightly fictionalized) 1993 Tina Turner biopic What’s Love Got to Do With It.

Keke and the real Chili.

The real T Boz with Lil Mama and TLc longtime manager Billy Diggins.


WWED? (What Will Evelyn Do?) Chad Ochocinco Released From Miami Dolphins After Domestic Violence Incident

Poor Evelyn Ochocinco.  Determined to try to make herself happy with money, material luxuries and a half-ass husband, things just can’t seem to go right with her and Chad.

First it was the rumors of infidelity and “swinging,” then Chad was let go from the New England Patriots after one pitiful season.

I thought to myself, “If Chad doesn’t get signed soon, what will become of their relationship… even more so, they anticipated reality series.

But soon after, Chad was luckily signed to Miami Dolphins and at that moment, I’m sure Evelyn that she was exhaling.

But God don’t like ugly and the NFL don’t like domestic disputes as Chad has now been released from the Dolphins after a “Tiger and Elin” altercation, which resulted in the NFL player being arrested.

Chad kept quiet after posting a $2500 bond and leaving the Miami jailhouse when he was released on Sunday. He refused to comment. Police reports say he “head-butted” wife Evelyn Lozada.

The newlyweds apparently got into a heated argument after Evelyn found a Walgreen’s receipt for condoms in the trunk of their smart car, as she carried in shopping bags.

Evelyn and Chad were just married on the Fourth of July.

TMZ reports that Chad got angry with Evelyn, grabbed her and head-butted her, leaving a 3 inch laceration on her forehead. She was then taken to the West Side Regional Hospital and treated.

Lozada told police that Chad began screaming obscenities at her. She was so frightened that she fled to a neighbor’s house.

“Johnson began driving the neighborhood looking for (her). She hid at her neighbor’s house until they arrived home. At this time, they called police,” according to the police report.

Ochocinco, however, told police that the fight was Evelyn’s fault and that she struck him first.

The Dolphins terminated the six-time Pro Bowl receiver’s contract about 24 hours after he was arrested.

Following Sunday’s practice, coach Joe Philbin said he would meet soon with Johnson.

“We’re going to deal with this,” Philbin said before Johnson was released. “We’re not going to waste time. … We’re all in this thing together. Everybody that sets foot in this building, we’re all held to a high standard.”

A week earlier, Philbin said Johnson’s roster spot could be in jeopardy if he didn’t put a leash on his freewheeling behavior and temper. Johnson annoyed the coach by frequently using profanity during a session with reporters.

Johnson’s defense attorney, Adam Swickle, said an order has been issued that prevents Johnson from contacting Lozada. Swickle declined to comment further.

So now we are back to the question. What will happen to Chad and Ev’s relationship and career as a reality couple? One thing’s for sure, Chad better find a job soon in order to continue to keep up this masquerade of a marriage… not to mention to keep VH1 interested in his life.

Seems like I do recall Evelyn once saying something on BBW about knowing how to head-butt someone. HMMMMM…




Evelyn Lozada Eats A** and Swallows and Mama D Used to Pimp

Ok Ev, you’ve pounded it into our heads that you “keep it real,” but this is just TMI. Recently, on Kandi Burress’ internet talk show, Mama D (Lil Scrappy’s mom from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta) and Evelyn were the guests and both gave more info than necessary. Mama D talks about her days pimpin’ them hoes on the ATL streets, after being involved with a preacher (Scrappy’s dad) WTF?

Aside from admitting that she “eats ass” and swallows, Evelyn does answer the question on everyone’s mind…If she and Chad have ever had a threesome.

Check the link…

World Star Hip Hop


Will the “Hollywood Exes” Keep it Classy on the new VH1 Show?

Just when you were about to feel a void of drama and fabulousness from your VH1 line-up. Don’t you fret!! The network is about to bring it’s most anticipated (and maybe even controversial) reality series yet.

Hollywood Exes follows five beautiful celebrity ex-wives as they maintain and pursue happy lives without their former husbands.

Nicole Murphy (ex of Eddie Murphy,) Andrea Kelly (ex of R. Kelly,) Jessica Canseco ( ex of Jose Canseco,) Sheree Fletcher (ex of Will Smith,) and Mayte Garcia ( ex of Prince.)


All the ladies are very beautiful and we all know a little about their lives with their ex-husbands. But I hope and pray that these women do not embarass their exes (and their children) by fighting and acting a fool.

I’m talking about three women in particular.

Sheree was known for her drama back in the day when she was with Will, but insiders say that Will, Jada and Sheree are very close and good friends now.

It’s obvious that with all the drama and court issues surrounding R. Kelly, Andrea just may be the most troubled of all the women. And by watching the clips, we can also tell that she’s loud, opinionated…and don’t take no mess.

And most of all.. Mayte….All I can say is I’m sure Prince is not at all happy with his ex pouring out the juice on their relationship, not to mention talking to these ladies about it…and parading around in his old clothes! (Watch the clip)

I personally think that the show will have a longer span if the ladies can keep it classy, fun and show that women can have their differences but in the end let their maturity shine through.


Finally we Meet Denise Vasi and her “Single Ladies” Character

Check out this interview and clip with new Single Ladies character Raquel Lancaster played by the beautiful Denise Vasi. Single Ladies Season 2 premieres on Memorial Day.



Pilar Sanders Talks About Cat Fight Between Stacey Dash and LisaRaye!!


Shaq Uses Kids to Threaten Shaunie’s Boyfriend

Looks like there may be more drama to look forward to on VH1’s Basketball Wives. READ MORE!!


jessica simpson gets a reality show


Jessica Simpson fans will be pleased to know the Richardson, Texas native will be hosting her own reality series on VH1.

Entitled, The Price of Beauty, Simpson will travel the world to meet everyday women and witness their beauty customs and regimens in their communities.

“When [I was approached] for a show about true beauty, I was immediately intrigued,” Jessica said in a statement. “I have always believed that beauty comes from within and confidence will always make a woman beautiful, but I know how much pressure some women put on themselves to look perfect. I am really looking forward to discovering how beauty is perceived in different cultures and participating in some of the crazy things people do to feel beautiful. I know we will all learn a lot on this journey.”

“Jessica is so excited to start shooting the show,” says a source close to the pop star. “She has been doing research into some of the insane things people do to try to make themselves more beautiful and she is shocked. She thinks it will be fun to try some of them.”

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