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Hollywood…in a Mouthful!! OVERLOAD!!

Justin Beiber Heads to the Strip Club and You Won’t Believe the Pics.

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strong>The LOX on the Breakfast Club

Talib Kweli Says Macklemore Fans No Nothing About Real Hip Hop

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Lebron, D Wade and Bosh Sing Blurred Lines!! LOL


Oprah Turns 60! But how Does she Look?

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Kanye Settles out of Court With Racist Teenager

Kanye West has just payed the 18 year old boy that called fiance Kim Kardashian a n***** lover $25,000. Well we guess it’s best that Kanye is out of this mess and charges have been dropped, but that little moron does not deserve any amount of money. He’ll probably blow it before he’s 21. If his parents were smart, they wouldn’t have allowed the jerk to take the money, but maybe they were out for a payday too.

Macklemore’s Tweet to Kendrick Lamar Tacky? We Think Not

Everyone’s talking about how Macklemore getting the Rap Album of the Year instead of Kendrick Lamar, who everyone know’s should have gotten the award, but anyways… Even we’re still proud of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis for winning their first Grammy, the rapper defintitely feels the backlash and uproar about “stealing” the award frm Kendrick. And consequently, sent the west coast rapper a tweet saying,

“You got robbed. I wanted you to win. You should have. It’s weird and sucks that I robbed you.”

Some say the tweet was tacky and maybe Macklemore should have sent it as a private message to Kendrick, but we’re glad that he said anything at all. Plus, the liquor had probably kicked in, if not went he typed the text, then when he actually sent it. Now should Macklemore give his Grammy to Kendrick? Hell no! Ain’t nobody giving away their first Grammy! LOL

T.I. and Tiny Deny Their Breaking Up

T.I. and Tiny say that they are not divorcing and their marriage is not in shambles. They say they just had a fight right before the Grammys about whether they would walk the red carpet or not. 

Charlemagne The God Calls Rich Dollaz a B****


Do we Forgive Gwyneth Paltrow’s “Niggas in Paris” Tweet?

WOOOOOWWWW! I first felt disrespect for Jay-Z, Beyonce and their click of worshippers (Kelly Rowland, The Dream, etc.) for defending Gwyneth Paltrow’s unbelievable tweet,

“Niggas in Paris 4 Real”

Not that it matters (because the word “Nigga” should not be coming out of any white persons mouth) but, in what context was she using the word? Was she calling herself a nigga or was she referring to her black friends included in the pic she tweeted?

Paltrow tweeted a picture of herself onstage with Kanye West and her BFF Jay-Z during a performance on the Watch the Throne Tour in France.

There could be a lot of situations that prompted Paltrow to tweet such an atrocity. Maybe she was just referencing that her friends were actually performing in Paris “4 real.” Or maybe the song was even playing when she tweeted, but still, she should have just kept the comment to herself and not resulted to Twitter.

“Hold up. It’s the title of the song!”

Gwyneth actually tweeted @  Terius “The Dream” Nash, who later came to her defense saying he accidentally tweeted the message from Gwyneth’s phone. He later took back his statement, confessing he was just trying to take up for his friend.

Seems like Gwyneth just got caught up in the moment, and tweeted too quickly.


Is Meek Mill Bangin’ Rihanna Too?

Hip Hop’s sacrificial princess Rihanna continues to spread herself around the music industry. Although her label Roc Nation is continuously warning her to slow down on the partying, sex and drugs, she seems quite adamant about doing whatever she wants.

Partying with her homey/lover/friend Drake and his pal Meek Mill during Meek’s birthday party several weeks ago, mush have really pissed of her ex-Chris Brown, who insists he’s over the RiRi.

After, pics of her partying with Meek Mill hit the web, insiders say that Chris Breezy yanked the Maybach Music freshman from a song that was to be released.

But the real question is…Did Meek Mill bang Rihanna?

Why else would Chris be so upset about the two hanging out?

Maybe it’s because after his b-day party, Meek Mill tweeted,

“U took me off ya song cause she let me watch da throne!”

Chris replied,

“She’s a dream chaser! There are a lot of dreamers so she’ll be running forever!”

But it’s obvious, that Chris really cares for RiRi, where as Meek just added a notch to his belt replying,

Dese chicks belong 2 da game…not u! Never get confused and think that’s all u!


Tyrese Goodies!!

Tyrese Gets Nomination

Congrats are in order for Tyrese on soooo many levels. He was just nominated for a BET Centric  Award along with other nominees Common, Estelle, Robert Glasper and Robin Thicke.

Oprah has a Thing for Tyrese?

On top of his nomination, the sexy singer has proudly just won over the heart of his newest fan Oprah Winfrey. The media mogul excitedly took to her Twitter to tweet Tyrese’s praises of his outstanding performance at Ambassador Andrew Young’s 80th  birthday celebration on May 13.

“That was musical surgery u just did to get that crowd on its feet. Bravo!  I had NO IDEA u were that talented. A real POWERHOUSE going now to download your music. Loved your comment to the Ambassador,” she tweeted. 

Tyrese and Oprah even danced together. I wouldn’t be surprised if O dreamed about Black Ty that night LOL!

Ladies, get Ready for Fast Six!

Yes, Yes, Yes, Tyrese will star once again in Fast Six as Roman Pierce, that sexy, dangerous, take no sh*t badboy on the quest for money, ladies and respect of his enemies. Follow Tyrese on Twitter @tyrese for updates on Fast Six. Hey Ty, give that sexy Paul Walker a shout out for me. :)\

July 2nd: Watch Tyrese in K-Town, the Reality Show that No TV Network Would Show You

Tyrese has teamed up with Electus on their LOUD channel on YouTube and is executive producing this raw reality series that that no mainstream TV channel wanted to get out. Co-Produced by Tony DiSanto (Jersey Shore and The Hills,) the two expose you to a culture that is rarely tapped in to, the Korean American. The show is sex, volatile, hilarious, intriguing, drama-filled! Watch the trailer:

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