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“Flowers in the Attic” Airs TONITE on Lifetime

Starring Ellen Burstyn and Heather Graham, the anticipated remake of the V.C. Andrews novel airs TONITE January 18, 2014.
at 8/7c on Lifetime Television. 


Hollywood… in a Mouthful!!

Sharon Osbourne Finally Admits Seperation From Ozzy in new Book

In a new tell-all book The Talk host Sharon Osbourne comes clean about separating from husband Ozzy Osbourne several months ago when she found out he was back on drugs. She says she even found texts in his cell phone to his drug dealer.

Jay-Z Talks Drug Dealing in Vanity Fair Interview


Jay-Z just gave a very intimate interview to Vanity Fair, where he says dealing drugs helped him be a better businessman later.

“There were a lot of things that I lived in the street that helped me in the music business. I knew what characters not to have around me. Sometimes it’s the people around you – whether they want to impress you or they’re still in that life – they’re hotheaded. It’s really the entrourage that can be the problem. “

He also talked about the new sports management division of Roc Nation and said he really just wanted to help athletes hold on to their finances, because so many of them loose their money after they play.

Mia Farrow Drops Bomb That son may not be Woody Allen’s, but…

In the same issue of Vanity Fair, Mia Farrow dropped a 25 year old bomb recently, that her son Roman may not be  Woody Allen’s son  , but ex-husband Frank Sinatra’s son. Mia and Franks were married from 1966-1968, then divorsed but still messed around. The son does not even talk to his supposed dad Woody and despises the fact that he ran off with adopted daughter Soon Yi and married her.

Miley Cyrus and Mom Open up on MTv TONIGHT!!

Miley The Movement Airs Oct 2 at 10/9c.  Miley and mom Trish Cyrus seem to have a really healthy relationship. Maybe Miley’s not out of control after all.

Justin Beiber

Our favorite celeb douche bag has just reached a new low. While visiting the Great Wall of China, Beiber had his bodyguards carry him, instead of respecting the experience and walking the distance himself. I finally understand what people have been saying such as Wendy Williams, “He’s just a jerk. He doesn’t have common decency,” said Wendy on Oct 2.


UPDATE:Jay-Z to Rock Austin Tonight at SXSW Music Festival

Visit the link below to watch Jay-Z live at SXSW!!!

Fans are excitedly awaiting for Jay-Z‘s performance tonight at the SXSW music festival in Austin, Texas.

It seems as if the city’s annual festival (which highlights indie and up and coming artists and bands)  started to get mega attention after Kanye West‘s showcase last year, in which Jigga made a surprise appearance.

The tickets are high priced and interactive badge holders that are American Express Cardmembers can sync their cards with their Twitter accounts for a chance to gain access to the concert. Austin fans can also see the show from a digital billboard on the corner of the legendary 6th Street & Red River.  Fans the world over can view the show streaming live via YouTube.

The annual music, film and technology conference began on March 9 and ends March 18. Other great performances inside  and outside (in other venues) will include Erykah Badu, Talib Kweli and Bruce Springsteen along with an endless list of up and coming and unsigned artists.

Jay-Z’s performance starts at 8 EST/7 CST.

Be sure to return in Journalicious! to view the show LIVE via YouTube.

Check out the promos for the show, which includes footage from Jay’s recent Carnegie Hall performance.

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