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Awesome Celeb Halloween Costumes 2013!


With her new jammin’ single 23 with Juicy J and this bangin’ Lil Kim costume, Miley Cyrus is getting more and more black! But what’s even funnier is… We like it! Lol


Swizz Beatz dressed as a pimp and Alicia Keys a member of the Black Panthers.


Nearly unrecognizable as an elderly version of herself, Heidi Klums costume was super authentic, down to the age spots and the varicose veins. She attended her Shutterfly Presents Heidi Klum’s 14th annual Halloween Party


Josh Duhamel and Fergie attended Kate Hudson’s star studded Halloween bash on Oct 26. Fergie went as the super sexy flick queen Elvira, while Duhamel went as Riff Raffle from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.


Instagram Goodies!!


We’re not too particular about seeing Diddy in bed, even if it is with girlfriend Cassie. But just in case you care about how the two sleep at night, the couple posted late night pics of theirselves in bed on Oct 10. Cassie posted this weird pic of Diddy laying on top of her (looking rather uncomfortable.) While Diddy posted pics of her rubbing his feet. (Eww!) I guess somebody’s gotta do it.

Swizz Beatz recently posted this pic of him and DMX (wearing his infamous bucket hat),re-igniting rumors that the two may not only be attempting to work together again, but getting the historic Ruff Ryders movement started again. Remember those good ‘ole days in 1998 and ’99 when we were bumping such hits as the Stop, Drop, and Ruff Ryder’s Anthem? It would certainly be great if Swizzy could help get X back on his feet? Or do you think the Darkman’s image has been too tarnished for him to take over the charts again?

Rihanna in South Africa on Oct 14.



Hollywood…in a Mouthful!!


Alicia Keys on Wendy Williams

The day after performing at the NBA All Star Game half time, Alicia went on Wendy Williams. She was very excited about being in the show. She talked about her wonderful husband Swizz Beatz. She said they had known each other since high school, so it was certainly not love at first sight. She was glowing talking about him. She also talked about their son Egypt. Alicia says she wants more kids, but she has a tour (with Miguel) to complete before even thinking about it. She also told a cute story about Egypt and Blue Ivy playing together.

Wendy also played her game Fav 5 with Alicia. Her favorite thing to do with Swizz: Sex ( of course,) Her favorite gift from him: a tatoo of her face on his arm; Her favorite pop star: Kendrick Lamar and Frank Ocean; Favorite guilty pleasure: macaroni and cheese; Favorite celeb encounter: Sade.

Rihanna Gets Attacked by Some Loser in a Club

Rihanna had a bloody knee while leaving the club.

Rihanna had a bloody knee while leaving the club.

Some nut threw a bottle at Rihanna in the club! The male was apparently mad at RiRi reuniting with Chris Brown. She fell and scraped her knee and her bodyguard was injured as well. This happened the same night her fashion line River Island debuted at New York Fashion Week.

2 Chainz Poses With the Pigs


Maryland State police arrested 2 Chainz for possession of marijuana. But then the po-pos asked to take a picture with the rapper. 2 Chainz tweeted the photo and said, “Locked me up and then wanted pictures.”

Vincent and Tamar on Power 105



Chris Brown Left Karreuche Behind to Comfort Rihanna After Grandmother’s Death?

Now what could be “flyer” than Chris Brown’s private jet landing on Rihanna’s yacht?

Rumors are that Chris took a helicopter (piloted by Ludacris) to St. Tropez where he and Luda were meeting with Swizz Beatz to shoot a video later.

St Tropez France here I come,” Luda tweeted.

Then Chris Brown tweeted, “This ni–a Luda flying the damn helicopter! I’m shi–ing bricks right now.

Well  apparently  Breezy had another agenda as well. Because what pop beauty was also in France that weekend?

He left Karreuche (whom he was spotted with the night before and headed to St. Tropez. Why didn’t Karreuche go with him?

Upon arriving on the Meditteranean this past weekend, Chris Brown tweeted,

“Landed on a boat.”

Which has led many to believe Chris was referencing Rihanna’s yacht. The starlet had been in St. Tropez for over a week.

Minutes later she tweeted,

“Touch down baby, help me pick out my fit,”

So Rihanna and Chris must have spent some kind of time together.

But then later, after RiRi bid farewell and headed to Cannes, Karrueche shows up in France just in time to miss her, but enough time to spend with Chris while filming the video.



Just last week, before breaking her toe ( a liquor bottle fell on it,) Riri was partying with Chris’ rival Drake in France, who couldn’t care less who the pop star sleeps with.

Two weeks ago, Rihanna’s grandmother Clara “Dolly” Braithwaite passed after battling cancer. The Barbadian singer was very close to her grandmother, who attended one of her concerts earlier this year.

“Goodbye #grangranDolly get your beauty rest until I see you,” Rihanna tweeted, adding, “#grangranDolly that is all.”

She went on to Instagram photos of her granny throughout the day.

Chris Brown’s momager Joyce Hawkins sent her condolences.

@mombreezy thank you!” Rihanna tweeted back. “Love You Angel.”

After a terrible performance in Sweden, it is believed that Rihanna had already received the news of her grandmother’s death. The audience began to walk out after RiRi was 45 minutes late and even dedicated the wrong song to her Swedish audience.

Rihanna was very close to her grandmother, and last month, she spent Father’s Day in her grandmother’s New York hospital room. Afterward, she tweeted a series of photos and tweeted , “My heart smiled and cried all at once.”

So maybe Chris Breezy just went to console his good friend after Dolly passed away. No one knows Rihanna’s family like Chris and his mom. And he’s probably her only male companion that actually knew ‘ol Dolly.

Now that the action is over and both stars have left St. Tropez, their reps deny that they met up and Chris’ rep says he was there strictly for the video shoot. But where did Chris end up afterwards. He followed RiRi to Cannes, this time with Karreuche by his side.


Kanye West – Power (rmx) f. Jay-Z & Swizz Beatz (Dallas Penn Unofficial Video)


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