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(VIDEO) Ciara Confirms Pregnancy on The View and Talks About her Pregnancy Style

Ciara leaving The View on  Tues, Jan 14.

Ciara leaving The View on Tues, Jan 14.

Yes, we now know for sure that Ciara is quite pregnant and we can’t wait to see her baby bump and mommy-to-be style grow! On Tuesday, the Hip Hop/R&B diva confirmed her baby bump at the end of the show, which set the ladies of The View, as well as the audience on fire! After that interview, she headed to the HuffPost, where she was asked about her style over the years and in the months ahead. Check it out…

Ciara Says “Baggy is the new Sexy” in Interview With Huff Post Live

Huffington Post


Chris Brown GOODIES! #teambreezy

If you’re a Chris Brown fan, here is some rehab news, new music and other treats on our favorite male pop/R&B  singer. And if you support Chris’ stint in anger management rehab and wish him the best, be sure to share this post #teambreezy #journalicious.

Chris Brown Loyal (East Coast Version) feat. Lil Wayne & French Montana

Click Here – iTunes

Chris and Karrueche Suck Tongues in Rehab…Literally – Jan.1′


The aspiring model uploaded the photo to Instagram and wrote: “Getting chrae on New Years Day haha #Corny#Ha #HappyNewYears.”

It might look gross, but one things for sure. Chris and Karreuche are still spending quality time, even with the pop star still in rehab.

Rumors are swirling that Chris is having a hard time being faithful. But from the looks of this  pic (and many more,) the couple are doing just fine and may be closer than ever after Chris is released.

Chris Brown Released From Rehab to Attend Charity Event – Dec.21

Chris Brown attended Brooklyn Project Store to pose with fans at the charity event for Christmas. The singer was given a ‘day pass’ from his court ordered rehab  in order to attend.

Chris Brown attended Brooklyn Project Store to pose with fans at the charity event for Christmas. The singer was given a ‘day pass’ from his court ordered rehab in order to attend.

Chris Brown was released by his rehab facility to attend a charity event on Melrose Avenue. The facility is using the outing to “re-socialize” Chris and basically teach him to be in public, with crowds of people and paparazzi, yet not igniting an explosive behavior.

Chris seemed to be doing well, doing what millions of people do everyday…going in the public without punching someone. OOOOh! The truth hurts.

The singer/dancer was all smiles and probably ecstatic just to be outside.





Is Tyrese Really Alcohol Free?


On Wednesday, TMZ reported that Three Kings member Tyrese passed out at DC nightclub Park over the past weekend and was sent to the hospital.

So Tyrese swears that he was not drunk when he passed out around 1 am.

He insists that it was just exhaustion, but… as much as I love Tyrese. I’ve heard different.

An area bodyguard told me that after performing with TGT at their Dallas listening party several weeks ago, Tyrese was in VIP drinking and looking quite tipsy.

This may not seem like a big deal, but Tyrese has been saying for years now that he doesn’t drink!

We’re not saying that Tyrese drinks alcohol, but something isn’t right about this situation.


Tyrese injured his right arm due to the fall.

Video: TGT Meet and Greet / listening party in Dallas | Journalicious!


My bodyguard friend also told me a funny account of when group Jagged Edge came to Dallas a couple weeks ago. Not only did twins Brian and Brandon ( the two that sing lead) get into a fight with some others guys after their show in the venue Medusa, they almost got arrested, but somehow security decided to let them go. Then later that night, after the concert, these two were doing donuts in front of the club!


Teddy P Passes

Old School singer Teddy Pendergrass has passed away at the age of 59 years old.

The Philadelphia native died of complications from his paralysis, which included colon cancer.

His son, Teddy Pendergrass II says that his father underwent surgery 8 months ago and had a difficult recovery.

Pendergrass won Best Pop New Artist at the 1977 Grammys and had several major hits including “Love TKO” ”Close The Door” and “ Turn off the Lights.”

The singer was one of the first of his kind to have an erotic style and paved the way for R&B crooners of today such as Trey Songz and R Kelly.

Teddy was the first black artist to have 5 consecutive platinum records to his name.

In 1982, Pendergrass was involved in a car accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down . The accident grew into one of the most scandolous news events of that decade.

In 1985, two years after his accident, he performed for a Live Aid benefit but did not do a full concert until almost 2 decades later. Teddy’s last performance was about two years ago.

“To all his fans who loved his music, thank you,” his son said. “He will live on through his music.”

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