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Hollywood… In a Mouthful!!

Ciara Finally Confirms Pregnancy

Ashley Simpson Shows off her Engagement Ring From Evan Ross!

Ashley Simpson (sister of Jessica Simpson) and Evan Ross (son of Diana Ross) are engaged to be married!

Ashley (a thirty something divorcee) just got her ring.

Katherine Jackson Will not get a Re-Trial

The judge rejected Katherine Jackson’s request for a re-trial of son Michael Jackson’s wrongful death suit. Many people believe that Katherine should just give up because Michael life was Michaels life. But mama Jackson is just trying to win her grandchildrens rightful inheritance.
Paula Abdul Severely Burned at Tanning Salon?

Paula Abdul is suing a tanning salon for more than $25,000. She claims she had the “slim star body wrap” and was severely burned on her legs mostly. She said she had to hire doctors to help her recover. 

Bynes Will not be Charged for Bong Incident

Amanda Bynes is not going to jail for throwing her bong out of her New York apartment window last year. Instead, she must attend out-patient therapy. When she finishes, the charges will be dropped. Bynes is still living at home with her parents and doctors visit her weekly. 

Robert Downey Jr Has an Awesome Singing Voice

Gosh! As if he wasn’t sexy enough.

We knew that actor Robert Downey Jr was a way cool actor and sauve guy, but who knew he could “sang” like the best of them, including rock star Sting?

Robert recently rocked out with friend Sting for the rockstars 60th birthday bash, and turned the place out, to the amazement of the crowd.

Will we hear more from the A-List Hollywooder turned rock star, maybe even an album? We sure hope so!!

Click Here to Hear Robert Downey, Jr Belt out With Sting!

Kate Upton’s New SI Photoshoot is out of This World… Almost

SI’s 2012 and 2013 swimsuit model was photographed in a bikini in “zero gravity space” for this year’s 50th anniversary issue.

Sources say the 21-year-old beauty “look like something out of ‘Barbarella'” as she was shot in a zero-gravity chamber while wearing a silver swimsuit and sporting big hair.

Although images have not been released yet for the 50th anniversary, other world reknowned models that have graced the cover over the years will also be included, such as Tyra Banks, Bar Rafaeli and Carol Alt.

20140114-092204.jpgCAPTION: Upton’s Jan 2013 cover of Elle France


Paula Abdul Among the Divas

Former Idol judge Paula Abdul has  twittered that she will host VH1’s Diva concert on Sept. 17.

The iconic performance from recording divas from all around the world is back after a four year hiatus.

This year, it will be held at the Brooklyn Academy of Music with performances from Miley Cyrus, Leona Lewis and Idol alum Kelly Clarkson and Jordin Sparks.



I agree with Letterman. The producers of American Idol allowed Paula’s stalker to get to close to her. But she can’t sue the show. Especially since that poor girl committed suicide in front of her house. But on the other hand, it is Paula’s last season on AI.





Paula Abdul is ready to bid farewell to American Idol  in order to work on other TV projects. The new judge is Kara DioGuardi.


Recently, when a fan mistook Hayden Panettiere for Lindsay Lohan, the TV star reportedly yelled “You have no idea what an insult that is!”

Liberache's Penthouse

It’s not true. Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson are not getting married. But recently in a London club, Lindsay had a fit when girls threw panties into the DJ booth and gave Sam their numbers.


Linda Hogan is apparently taking her ex-husband Hulk Hogan to court claiming he sold his trademarks to prevent her from attaining the profits.


Sarah Palin may join the cast of Desperate Housewives.  Marc Cherry wants the ex-VP candidate to appear on the show’s season finale. Desperate… just flashed forward five years, rumor has it that Palin may play the role of the President.


The source of Jayden James’ allergic reaction was apparently some fried chicken that he ate. Britney Spears’ son actually had a seisure. But is doing fine now.


Carrie Underwood says she isn’t a fan of revenge. The singer advocates: “If you feel like you have to get revenge on somebody, most likely you should turn the other cheek … and walk away,” which is good news for Jessica Simpson.



The body of an obsessed fan of Paula Abdul was found in a car parked just yards from the A.I. judge’s home .

Paula Goodspeed, who may have committed suicide, was actually a contestant on “Idol” in 2006. The show actually ran a feature on Goodspeed, who said she’s an artist and the first thing she ever drew was a picture of Paula.

The license plate of the car containing Goodspeed’s body read “ABL LV” (Abdul Lover). A pic of Paula was hanging from her rear-view mirror.
Goodspeed’s MySpace page included a picture of Paula Abdul with a caption that read “My secret crush, shhhhh.” She blogged about dealing with the “awful things” people said about her after her less-than-successful “Idol” audition




Sometimes, you gotta take the kids to work: Here's Beyonce wrapping up a sexy lingerie photoshoot, with Blue Ivy close by. We're glad to see Blue is tech savvy. lol

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Tamar Braxton on Lil Kim's Pregnancy: "Awwwww congrats @LilKim on your little one," Tamar tweeted.

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