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2014 Grammy Fashion Highlights!!!


Hollywood…in a Mouthful!!

Is Lamar’s dad in Denial About Son’s Drug Use?

Lamars dad says that his son does not have a drug problem. But many say that the former heroine addict is in denial just like his son. Joe Odom once said that the Kardashians are a bad influence on his sons life and career, But apologized to the klan in a conversation with TMZ. Lamar and his dad have no relationship and the NBA player has even commented in the past that the only thing he inherited from his dad was his addictive behavior. According to  Father Odom , he has been trying to contact  Lamar, but with no success.

TMZ still believes that Lamar has an addiction problem. Especially since, he’s been venting on Twitter.

Kanye a Ghost at LAX

Kanye Wests lawyers have advised him to stay away from LAX no matter what. In fact, he has been chartering private jets to get to and away from LAX airport. It’s weird though. Yeezy doesn’t seem to have a problem with paparazzi in Paris (where he often travels to.) And the photographers are known to be way more aggressive there. But it’s not like Kanye is a fighter. He don’t really want it with any photographer. He just has a bad temper. I think he realized he had bitten off more than he could chew when he couldn’t quite get the camera away from the TMZ photographer that he attacked and subsequently now has felony assault charges to worry about.

Nick Carter’s Distasteful new Book

Nick Carter’s got a new booK coming out about his life and drug addictions. The BackStreet Boy seems to blame Paris Hilton for his excessive partying and drugs. Many media believe that Carter is using His ex-girlfriends fame and success to promote his book.TMZ, a known advocate for Paris Hilton, seems especially upset that Carter took no action in contacting Paris to inform her that she would be in the book.

“Facing the Music and Living to Talk About It ” hits stores selves Sept 24.





A sexy and carefree looking Brad Pitt glides through LAX on his way to Paris. Rumors are that he and Angelina Jolie are putting the finishing touches on their wedding plans.


Paris Hilton grabs a snack to go at M Cafe in West Hollywood on July 10.


On Sat, July 20, Jay-Z and Beyonce attended that Justice for Trayvon rally in NYC. The two kept a low profile, but did take a moment to pose with Rev. Ak Sharpton and Martin’s mom Sybrina Fulton.


How Your Favorite Celebs Spent the 4th of July


Jay-Z, Beyonce and Family Celebrate Release of Magna Carta Holy Grail

Jigga, Bey and a host of family and friends toasted to the release of the rappers new highly anticipated album <Magna Carta Holy Grail on July 3. Beyonce flew in to Brooklyn after her show in San Jose the night before. Jay-Z’s sisters Andrea and Michelle Carter and nephew Jarrell Carter attended, as well as Timbaland and Nick Cannon.


Mariah Carey tweeted this photo of her awesome bikini bod. She also posted a mini fashion show where she tried on several bikinis. Looks like she’s in the best shape of her life. Hope she had big fun, because three days later, she dislocated her shoulder while filming her next video. (Ouch!)


Katy Perry posted this picture of her hugged up with boyfriend John Mayer backstage at his concert in Philadelphia on July 4.


Paris Hilton and friend Amaury Nolasco celebrated Independence Day in Malibu.


Rihanna chilled at the beach in Sopot, Poland, with a drink in her hand and a pal Meissaby her side. (7/7/13)


sexy summer celeb shoes!

Mission by Fergie - $109.00 -

Mission by Fergie - $109 -

Zaila by Fergie - $99 -

Zaila by Fergie - $99 -

Daina by Rocawear - $35.00 -

Daina by Rocawear - $35 -

Nicolai by Rocawear - $39.98 -

Nicolai by Rocawear - $39.98 -

Dereon iconic patent leather heel peep toe and thick ankle strap - $69.99 -

Dereon iconic patent leather heel peep toe and thick ankle strap - $69.99 -

Cross Me by Dereon - $65.00 -

Cross Me by Dereon - $65 -

Ikina by Jessica Simpson - $89.00 -

Ikina by Jessica Simpson - $89 -

Flair Heel by Paris Hilton - $89.99 -

Flair Heel by Paris Hilton - $77 -

Madrid by Paris Hilton -

Madrid by Paris Hilton -

LAMB by Gwen Stefani

LAMB by Gwen Stefani

Ladonna by Gwen Stefani - $359.00 -

Ladonna by Gwen Stefani - $359 -


paris goes to dubai while 50 gets caught up

Paris BFF From Dubai?


Paris Hilton is taking her successful tv series abroad to the Middle East. Lionsgate and Ish Entertainment will produce the new version of Paris Hilton’s My New BFF. The plot of the series will remian the same, as a cast of young women will be complete tests to see who would best fit it to the heiress’ lifestyle. The Dubai version of the show will be a tad more conservative than the racy US version. There will be no alchohol, sexually explicit language or revealing clothing. Hilton has actually never been to Dubai, so the experience will be new for her as well. Hilton’s boyfriend Doug Reinhardt will also appear in the series.


Hilton, Richie Still Have Fashion in Common


House of Harlow 1960
House of Harlow 1960


Although no longer the best friends they once were, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie still have much in common. Both will be launching their own accessory lines. Hilton has just commenced her sunglass line meanwhile, ex-BFF and mommy-to-be Nicole Richie (she’s expecting twins) has just signed a deal with manufacturers for her own line of footwear called House of Harlow 1960. The line will feature bags, belts and small accessories. Designer duds from Paris and Nicole? I’m a fan already.



ooohh! journalicious goodies!!!


Angelina Jolie allegedly slapped Brad Pitt after he was caught giving their nanny a back rub. Angie apparently threw  a fit and of course, fired the nanny.

The couple is also facing financial crisis as the value of their posh Dubai properties plummets. Prices on their pads have halved in the past year and they  are losing more than $100,000 a week on their investments.


Paris Hilton is  desperate for people to take her seriously as an actress. She’s been trying to land a role in the Twilight sequel. She thinks she’d be perfect to play one of the vampires. She’s even willing to play a victim — she just wants in.”


It was recently revealed that pregnancy rumors of Jennifer Aniston are untrue. And now, Jen and John Mayer may not even be heading down the aisle anytime soon. According to US Mag, Mayer did not buy Aniston an engagement ring, despite a recent report from the Daily Mirror. And today, E!’s Marc Malkin says the couple may officially be over. A source claims Mayer dumped Aniston after she got back from promoting Marley & Me in Europe. I knew he’d buckle under pressure.

 Aniston also recently admitted that she’ll always love Brad Pitt and hopes they can be friends again someday. She apparently finally made peace with the breakup and even threw herself a “pity party” since the split.


ChrisBrown is replacing his staff after his alleged altercation with Rihanna. Among the fired is manager Tina Davis, who recently denied sending Brown text messages that were rumored to cause the fight.


Lindsay Lohan recently admitted that  she’s too young to have kids right now. Lohan recently wore a strap-on stomach for a scene in the upcoming movie Labor Pains and claims the experience scared her. “You think about all the things that come with being pregnant and that’s scary, especially for me at 22.” Good choice, Lindsay.

Also, a Miami nightclub is furious with Lohan after she refused to walk the red carpet at an event.  She allegedly spent the night drinking, smoking and texting in VIP. The club paid her $25,000 to be there after she was a no-show for a previous appearance.


Jennifer Lopez says she understands why Britney Spears had a public meltdown after giving birth and looking after two kids.  J. Lo says she understands  the kind of “pressure” the pop star was going through now that she has twins whose lives  “depend”  her. “It will destroy you,” she says. hugh_jackman1

While starring in The Boy From Oz on Broadway, Hugh Jackman called a woman’s bluff after she disrupted the show by yelling out, “I want to bite your ass!” Jackman then proceeded to hang his butt over the edge of the stage as a joke — and to his surprise, she bit it!


Nicolas Cage denies reports that he was fired from the movie The Wrestler. In an interview with Access Hollywood,  Cage claims he, in fact, resigned because he didn’t think he’d make a believable Randy “The Ram” Robinson.


Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are planning a summer wedding in Italy. The couple fell in love with the idea after visiting the country last year.


Djimon Hounsou and Kimora Lee Simmons have secretly wed in Africa. However, the nuptials may not be recognized because the wedding took place before Kimora’s divorce to Russell Simmons was finalized.















Michelle Williams says she will relocate to France if the paparazzi don’t stop following her and daughter Matilda around. Since ex Heath Ledger’s death, Michelle has been trying to keep a low profile by taking on under-the-radar indie movies. But she’s still being harassed by papparazzi. It’s a shame, but I doubt if moving will solve the problem.


Debbie Reynolds thinks that Jennifer Aniston should befriend Angelina Jolie, saying the rivalry is reminiscent of hers with Elizabeth Taylor over ex-hubby Eddie Fisher. Debbie claims there’s nothing Jen could’ve done to have kept Brad Pitt, so she might as well get over it. Easy for Reynolds to say; Liz and Eddie didn’t stay together long or have a slew of kids.





Actor and Hollywood playboy  Colin Farrell claims to have sworn off women following his break-up with writer Emma Forrest. The Irish actor, who has broken many high profile hearts, claims to  have a “new outlook on life” that doesn’t include womanizing.


Fergie is denying  pregnancy rumors by saying she has no time to have a baby now that the Black Eyed Peas are back together. She reveals to E! Online that she and actor hubby Josh Duhamel won’t start a family until after the group’s reunion tour ends.



Paris was spotted across the world in Tokyo, Japan at the opening ceremony for Bliss Boutique Omotesando Hills.

Bliss Boutique, Omotesando Hills








Kate Winslet (in Narciso Rodriguez dress and Christian Louboutin pumps) receives Montecito Award at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.











Mischa Barton dazzles at Paris Fashion Week.












Mickey Rourke and Evan Rachel Wood share a quick kiss at a SAG Awards after party.












Lady Gaga at  Nokia 5800 launch party at Punk Soho in London, England.












Paris and her BFF’s showed up as well.












Paris and Lady Gaga in the DJ booth.

Lady Ga-Ga and Paris Hilton attend the Nokia 5800 launch party h



Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie

Ginnifer Goodwin and Zoe Saldana
Ginnifer Goodwin and Zoe Saldana


Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson


Rumor Willis

Rumor Willis


Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana opened their eighth U.S. D&G store on Robertson Boulevard in Los Angeles on Monday night, and young Hollywood of course, turned out to celebrate. Tiny burgers, pigs in a blanket, french fries, and miniature pizzas were on the menu and Bijou Phillips and Rumor Willis were on the dance floor. The designers themselves weren’t in attentandace, but Ginnifer Goodwin, Paris and Nicky Hilton and Gabrielle Union all wore the label D&G L.B.D.’s. From now through January 15, the boutique will donate 15 percent of all sales to the Art of Elysium.

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