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UPDATE #3 : Justin Beiber Bail Set Ridiculously Low; Beib’s dad Blocked off Street


2:03 pm

Just minutes ago, Justin appeared before a Miami judge with closed circuit TV. He was quiet as his bail was set at a whopping $2500. Really? 

His lawyer Roy Black says he will be released shortly. 

The two vehicles had been rented by Beiber. 

One of the charges, resisting arrest, was added because the pop star refused to put his hands on the vehicle once he was ordered to get out of the luxury car. He was also yelling at police.

TMZ reports that it was Justin’s dad who actually blocked off the street.

12:20 pm

Pending a court appearance, that may happen even minutes from now, Justin has been charged with street racing, DUI and resisting arrest. He also told police he had smoked marijuana and took prescription pills. 

The other driver was friend and R&B singer Khalil, who was driving a Ferrari. Two other vehicles blocked the street off.

Beiber of course, failed a sobriety test and had an invalid Georgia drivers license. 

10 am

Justin Beiber was arrested this morning for drag racing and got a DUI!

Apparently, Justin’s friends blocked a Miami street off at 4 am in order Justin to race his Lamborghini! The nerve…!

It’s only 10 am here in Dallas so, MORE DETAILS SOON!


Hollywood…in a Mouthful!

Justin Beiber may be Charged With Felony Vandalism

“No one listens at that age,” actor Mark Wahlberg recently said about teen heartthrob Justin Beiber. And the Beib has proven him right, once again. 

Justin’s neighbor (the same neighbor that claims the youngster once spit in his face) called Calabasas police on Saturday night, Jan 9, and complained that the popstar was yelling at him and throwing eggs at his house! …And for no reason, the man says, he stepped out to his balcony around 7:30 p.m. because he heard strange noises. That’s when he witnessed Bieber hurling eggs at his home. (Sounds like a piece of this story is missing.

The neighbor says he asked Justin what the hell was going on, when a sum of 20 eggs were tossed in his direction, called the Sheriff’s Department and cops took down an incident report. 

…Oh Yeah…And the neighbor videotaped the whole thing. Which has peeked the attention of the L.A.County Sheriff’s Department, who would like to see Justin charged with a felony.

According to TMZ,

And there’s urgency to the investigation … we’re told the detectives told the homeowner they need repair estimates by Monday.

Our sources say detectives are confident the estimates will raise the stakes to a felony.  In California, if the damage is greater than $400 it becomes FELONY vandalism.  We’re told the homeowner’s damage could be in the 10s of thousands of dollars because the very expensive Venetian plaster on the outside of the house has to be redone, and very expensive doors and other items were either damaged or ruined.

As for why the Sheriff’s detectives want to hold Bieber accountable … they feel he’s made a mockery of the legal system by breaking the law numerous times … the problem has been there was never enough evidence to prosecute him.  But there is now.

The D.A. should get the case next week.

Flava Flav Gets Pulled Over on the way to Mom’s Funeral… What For?

Flava Flag has had 16 license suspensions! He was recently on his pulled over for speeding (on the way to his mom’s  funeral) and police discovered that Flav had 16 tickets for license suspensions, which counts as individual suspensions. The police allegedly let the rapper go in order to make the memorial service.

 BTW… Our condolences go out to Flav for his mom’s passing.

Is Gabrielle Union Hiding a Pregnancy?

Some media, are saying that the reason Gabrielle Union is ok with fiancée Dwyane Wades baby is because…she’s pregnant with their own!

She was pictured recently with what some are calling a baby bump, but we saw no such thing when she appeared on The Chew Jan 9.

Watch This Clip Of Gabby on the Chew!!

A Day in the Life of Nick Cannon

World Star Hip Hop

Lee and Allen are Ready for the He Got Game Sequel

Could it be? Are Spike Lee and veteran NBA player Ray Allen negotiating a sequel to the 1998 film He Got Game?

Allen recently informed ESPN that if he and Lee found the right script, they would seriously consider it.

In December, Lee posted a pick of Allen’s Miami Heat specialty jersey with his characters name Jesus Shuttlesworth on the back.

Allen will wear the jersey on Jan 10 when the Hear play against the Brooklyn Nets.’

Rick Ross, Diddy and Jay-Z Meet up in Miami for Magna Carter Tour


JOURNALICIOUS Sightings! Instagram Goodies!! Welcome 2014!

Amber Rose Poses With Suge Knight

Looks like Amber built her west coast street cred up by posing with a “legend,” she called him.


Future and Friends Party In Miami

Future ended the year in Miami with friends Monica, La La Anthony and Rico Love. (Maybe Ciaras at home resting her baby bump!)


RC & The Gritz Perform on Good Morning Texas

You may know them as Erykah Badus band. Visit The Beat Beast Blog or iTunes to purchase their new album Pay Your Tab featuring Badu and Snoop Dogg.


Khloe K in Cosmo UK

Khloe K recently posted this great pic from her Cosmo UK photoshoot.



Celine Dion’s Bad Ass Crib for Sale



Have you seen the absolute monstrosity that is Celine Dions Miami home? OMG! Why would anyone ever want to leave this paradise?

Well, according to TMZ, Dion is selling her “waterpark” home because she has extended her Vegas show run until 2019! And just won’t have use for the home anymore.

The price on this ocean front beauty? $72.5 million. The home boasts 13 bedrooms. The buyer will have Michael Jordan and Kid Rock as neighbors.

The home, which was built in 2010, sits on a five-and-a-half acre property with over 415 linear feet of oceanfront.

Celine makes $100,000 a year in Vegas.



Lebron and Jay-Z Almost Shut Down Miami With Their Boss Antics


Such an idiot move!

On Friday night, Lebron James was escorted to the Jay-Z/ Justin Timberlake concert after Miami police were radioed that the Miami Heat star needed a ride to Sun Life Stadium, where the show took place.

This already sounds like a WTF moment.

A policeman not only rushes to James and his fiancé Savannah Brinson to get them to the concert on time, but drives against traffic in a highway traffic jam!

Boss moves, huh? Must be nice.

But why did Lebron post an Instagram video of the ride?

Now Lebron has gotten the officer in trouble! The incident is now being investigated by South Florida authorities.

James should have made a written request beforehand, which is required for high profile figures to receive such treatment.

But that’s not all!!!!!

To make sure that King Lebron missed none of the show, Jay-Z refused to start the concert and waited for the baller to arrive!

An attendee told TMZ that by the time the show started, people were starting to get impatient. But soon after, the show started, luckily.

Do you think these top notch, A List celebs should get such ridiculously biased and special treatment??


Hollywood…in a Mouthful!!

TLC Movie and Clip Released

The biggest selling girl group of all time is almost back. Well sort of. The TLC movie starting Lil Mama (as Left Eye,) KeKe Palmer (as Chili) and Drew Sidora (as T Boz) airs in October.

Clivk Here to Watch the Trailer!!

America Says Stop Glamorizing Boston Bomber


The latest cover of Rolling Stone has gotten much backlash and distaste for having Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev featured and maybe even glamorized on their cover. Numerous storws such as CVS have refused to put the cover on their stands. The issue, th mpat was originally scheduled to feature Kanye West, has now received a new cover ( featuring the rapper) to satisfy the stores. However, it still contains the riveting article on the Boston Bomber about whether he was a cold blooded murderer or a actually the one victimized! Either way, the story is a must- read. And be sure to read the comments differentiating readers left.

Click Hetre to Read Rolling Stone articke

Dez Bryant Denies Sexuality Comments Made by Groupie

KKDA FM in Dallas has confirmed that the allegations made by a woman claiming to have slept with the Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver are false. A woman sent a blogger details of how Bryant likes women to wear strap-ons while having sex. Now the radio station says that the woman has wrote a letter apologizing to the public and Bryant. She added that her confessions were actually about Dallas native Dezmond Briscoe ( who plays for the Washington Redskins. You may also remember him being the last love interest of Royce Reed on Basketball Wives Miami.

Anyways, the groupie says that the blogger changed the name from Briscoe to Bryant because of the notoriety of the Dallas Cowboy to make the rumor even hotter!

Oooooh! On air personality Lady Jade called Bryant to clear up the matter and apologize on behalf of the woman and the station for broadcasting such rumors. Bryant was not happy at all!! And is now actually upset with the home station for telling the false story in the first place.


ARTIST EXCLUSIVE: Alexander Star Blazes a New Lane in Music

Your whole style, delivery and lyrics are so in tune to what’s lacking in music these days. When did you decide that you would embrace such topics as self esteem, uplifting women and children and everyday life issues?

A.Star: Aww man, thanks for the kind words. What really made the big difference in my writing was when I finally accepted that “I’m me, not them.” I quit trying to write what I thought people wanted to hear and started writing what I felt like saying. It’s that simple, and that makes all the difference.

2. You say that you are “renewing faith in good music.” What do you feel is missing from music in this day and age?

A. Star: I honestly don’t feel like anything is missing in music. It’s all there. But I know that the mass media only allows exposure through certain avenues, which are all either over-congested or being hogged. Just like rush hour in the big city, you have to fight to get your lane. Or if you’re one of the chosen few, you blaze a new one.

3. You also spend a lot of time performing and speaking at schools, churches, non-profit events as well. Tell us about that.

A. Star: I always felt a desire to write and sing songs that I could pull off in front of any crowd, meaning grown folks as well as the youth. It’s tricky to do, but it opens up your performance versatility. It just so happens that I was blessed with records like “Changes in the Air” and “Our Women” that have such powerful messages that schools and churches can appreciate them for what they are, despite religious or scholastic politics. Good music speaks to many circles.

4.Your first album “No Hype Just Hope” has numerous tracks that truly leave the listener with a good feeling about themselves, their goals and priorities and how you’re just a regular person with dreams just like them. What can we expect from yo

ur second mixtape “Tetrys: Get in Where U fit In?”
A. Star: “TETRYS – Get In Where U Fit In” is all about liberating myself as a writer. With my last album, I was very careful about staying on the clean, positive and educational path. I got love from a lot of people who support the S.H.A.R.P. (Speaking Honestly About Relevant Points) movement, and still do. Problem is, not everyone wants to be educated or enlightened by music. An extremely talented producer friend of mine told me like this: “Yo Star, I absolutely love the uplifting message and positive spirit. I don’t know anyone who is better than you at what you do. That’s why I wanna hear you, for once, be a little cocky on a record. Let em know just how raw you really are.” He liberated me with that statement. On TETRYS, I’m not writing on my tippy-toes or worrying about what people think. I’m just writing. That’s whatz gonna make me great. I feel freer every day.

5. Explain the title of the mixtape?

A. Star: I chose to call the project “TETRYS – Get In Where U Fit In” to serve as a metaphor for the writing process. Songs hardly ever come ready to sing. Ideas drop from the sky in different shapes and pieces, and the writer has to take hold of them and put them into place to create something solid. The more layers you create (cleverness / versatility), the stronger the piece becomes; and once you find that final piece to solidify all the layers, you’ve won points. Just like the game of Tetrys lol.

6.  You’re also allowing people from all walks of life to send you drops and footage to rep their brands on Tetrys and tell exactly “Where They Fit In” in this world. Why?
A. Star: No matter how good you are at what you do, if you don’t support others, they probably won’t support you. I just want to give other artists the opportunity to rep themselves like many have given me the opportunity to do. Plus, I want to feel where other artists are coming from, just like I want them to understand my musical mission.

7. Tell us about the first single “What it Feelz Like.”

A. Star: Most working class people can only dream about what it’s like to be a celebrity. As one of those people, I made a fun record narrating a daydream of how it would feel to live like Diddy, Jay-Z or Russell Simmons – just for a day. It was produced by Esteyban of Trilogy Muzik, and he gave me the idea by framing it around what happened in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Picture the scene when Charlie, a poor kid with high hopes and a good heart, finally found the highly coveted golden ticket inside the Wonka Bar. A bystander who witnessed him win it said, “You’ve won, kid! Run home, run home as fast as you can!!” Now, picture a blue-collar worker in the same situation, only the golden ticket says, “You’re ‘the man’ for 24 hours…” That’s what “What It Feelz Like” is about.

8. On the outside, people may see you as an attractive and sexy artist, but on the inside you seem to be very unattached from that. Like the YouTube video you recently made freestylin’ with your granny (Granny Whammy the Boss) is hilarious. lol Who does that in this image driven industry!! Can you comment on that?

A. Star: Grammy Whammy (yes, I really call her that lol) is like my sidekick, haha. For the last 10 years (ever since I moved to South Florida), I’ve picked her up every Friday afternoon and taken her to the beauty salon and out to lunch. A lot of people who see us together say that most grandkids hardly ever visit their grandparents, let alone take them out. But to me it’s a pleasure. She’s 95 years young and still has a golden sense of humor. She loves to have fun, and she sometimes even messes with people just because she can lol. But seriously, most importantly we love each other unconditionally. She supports my dreams without a second thought, and I will always carry that with me. She lived through the great depression, civil rights, numerous wars and I don’t know how many presidents lol – which one of your homies can say that? I really respect her. My Grammy’s a G.

9. In this industry, you’ve got to be a hustler. And you’ve already proved you’re a beast in the streets by selling 9,000 copies of your first endeavor. Tell us about that?

I did sell 9,000 copies of The Journey with my former recording group. We were called the Free Agents, and we were dope. Bustin out acapellas wherever the heck we were in 3-part harmony and beatboxin the verses as we rapped and sang was our calling card. Being a Free Agent helped mold me into the professional recording artist I am today. I owe major developments of my craft to the experiences my group gave me. Shoutz out to Johnny Mars, Chris Wynter and Lex (rest in peace, my brother; I love you).

10.You’re a songwriter who also writes jingles and hooks for commercials and brands. Would you say that you enjoy the writing part more than being an artist?

Believe it or not, I totally prefer being a writer over being an artist. I wanna be that guy who lives comfortably, has a nice family, drives a nice whip and owns a nice home without the general public knowing who I am or what I do. Fame means nothing. Family means everything. Too bad I gotta perform for people to acknowledge my gift of writing. Catch 22.

11.0Are you working on any other projects right now?

Aside from continuing work on TETRYS, I’m writing and recording reference records to get placements with major artists. I set my sights on whomever I want to write for, and then put myself in their shoes (mentally). If I can’t book studio time right away, I take my laptop and USB mic into the backseat of my car and lay the vocals in the middle of the night when the streets are quiet. Windows up; no engine; no AC – the car’s pretty soundproof. If some of those records don’t get placed, I may release them on a mixtape called “Backseat Sessions” so they don’t go to waste. Just another way to display my writing versatility.
Visit Alexander Star at

NEW MUSIC!!! Alexander Star “What it Feelz Like”

Check out this single from rapper/singer/songwriter Alexander Star. And ladies he’s easy on the eyes too!

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Hot BIKINI Bods!!!!


Trina: From Bad to Amazin’

No one knows how it feels to be in charge and in control like Trina. From the time the Miami rapstress stepped on the scene with mentor Trick Daddy, she claimed her status as the what?…You already know the nickname. And since then, the “Baddest B***h” has controlled the music charts from her debut on Slip N Slide/Atlantic, to her platinum selling status and now, her 5th studio album Amazin’.

Growing up in both  the Miami projects and the upper class sector, it’s no wonder how Trina can represent for the hood and still shop and mingle from South Beach (Miami,) to Robertson Blvd (LA,) to Paris and even to Preston Road in Dallas.
Although she has a new album and a new attitude, the rap queen is still a boss with a down to earth and fun personality. With features from Lady Gaga, Keri Hilson, Ludacris, Lyfe Jennings, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross and her own lyrically hot female group Pretty Money, Amazin’ is the most anticipated album from the Miami diva yet. Read what Trina has to say about her career, her love life and her new album Amazin,’ which is scheduled to hit stores March 2010.
Hi Trina. Wow! It’s great to talk with the Baddest B***h!
Oh! Thank you.! I appreciate it.
I must say that I love the single, That’s My Attitude. Does a new attitude really come along with the single?
Yes!  I’m back… I’m at a great place. I’m blessed…I’m in control of my own destiny.  I have a lot to be happy about; I got my attitude,  my money, new music and a fresh face.
That’s My Attitude is a street record…about staying strong and positive in 2010. [It’s about] stepping your game up and being confident. And it’s always good to have a hot track for the club.
So, what are your favorite tracks on the new album Amazin?
[The title track] Amazin’, and there’s a track with Keri Hilson. It’s an upbeat, uptempo record.
There’s a song called Go So Hard. It’s… totally different from the kind of records I do. At first, I didn’t know if I wanted to do this record. It’s wasn’t the kind of record I was used to doing…It’s laid back. I’m used to doing upbeat songs, but I took myself outside of my element. It’s the record that challenged me the most.
Make Way is a song that shows my growth. It’s about how to stay strong and relevant. That’s the type of thing that moves me.
It’s great to know that both you and your mentor Trick Daddy have new albums releasing on Slip N Slide/EMI. Does Trick make an appearance on Amazin’?
No, Trick is not on this album. We did record one song that unfortunately did not make the album. But, it’s always good to be in the studio with him.
You’ve been spotted in Dallas on many occasions. My guess is that it’s because of Denver Nuggets star Kenyon Martin. Are the two of you still together?
(laughs) Yes. We’re really happy. We’re in a happy place. He’s a great person. I’m happy for his career and he’s happy for my career.
Outside of music, what else is Trina up to?
Well, I just shot the video.  I just attended the BET Awards. I’m excited about that. I missed Milan Fashion Week, but I’ll be there next season.
I have a charity called the Diamond Doll Foundation. 1500 girls came out this year. We teach the girls how to stay grounded. It’s easy to get distracted when you’re young. It’s a big world and you can get screwed up. I was once their age. My experiences evolved me into the woman I am today. [However,] music has been my biggest influence.
I also work with Brothers For Peace. They’re all about stopping the violence and they help younger kids. The organization burns and melts down bullets and turns them into jewelry.
I’m also interested in teen pregnancy and child molestation.
It’s been so much fun talking to you Trina. It’s like talking to a girlfriend. We are girlfriends now! This album has such a strong statement. I love it!
I just want everybody to see what an amazing… place I am in life.
I’m blessed. I’m Amazin.’ God is Amazin’. The album is Amazin.’
To all the “Baddest B****es,” go cop the album Amazin.’ because you love that strong female swagger of Trina, who represents all the positive and sexy urban women of the world. Guys, go cop the album because you love to hear Trina ’s sexy, yet bossy tone that tells you what she likes (and doesn’t like) about a real man.

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