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We Prayed, but Still More Charges Pile up for Chris Brown


Good Lawd! Too many people got it in for Chris Breezy!

Seems like most people wish Chris Brown the best with his stint in rehab, and hope the R&B mega star will be rehabilitated without having to serve prison time.

But as more and more charges pile up for the singer, we wonder… Will it really take prison time for Chris to realize the consequences of his anger? Or maybe it’s not so much Chris, but his security team, which always has his back, whether he (and/or) they are in the wrong.

The incident below marks the third case for Breezy:

A man is suing Brown for being assaulted during a pick up basketball game at an L.A. Gym.

Michael Ausbon filed a lawsuit on Feb. 13, claiming Browns entourage assaulted him and the star (currently summoned to anger management at a rehab facility) participated in the altercation.

The lawsuit says that Ausbon fouled Brown, and Brown threatened to “put these hands on you.”

Soon after the threat, Browns entourage approached and threatened Ausbon, them retreated and proceeded to assault while the game continued.

Ausbon was rushed to the hospital for injuries to his head, face, neck, legs and ribs.

Not at all good for Brown, who already has two upcoming court dates.

Not sure when the incident happened, but stay logged on to J! for updates.



Drake and Rihanna get hot in LA?


Looks like old flames are still kindling. And we hope Zoe Kravitz doesn’t mind. Cuz Drake and Rihanna spent time together this weekend. Reminiscing? Well let’s call it catching up.

The two crossed paths at an LA nightclub Hollywood Henrys Hooray on Friday night and ended up partying at Drakes table.

There was a little cuddling going on. The two left in separate cars only minutes apart. We ain’t drawing no conclusions, but…



LaLa Anthony’s Celeb Packed Book Signings

On Monday, LaLa Anthony posted these pics from her book signing for “The Love Playbook: Rules for Love, Sex and Happiness.” With the likes of Ciara and The Game, It looks like this was the L.A. book signing.





LaLa celebrated her new book at a New York City Barnes and Noble book store location recently, as well.



Kim K Tells Khloe to Leave Drug Addicted Lamar


CAPTION: Just recently debuting her blonde highlights, Kim K looks amazing in denim and a Celine overcoat in Paris on Oct 1, 2013.

RadarOnline reports that Kim and Khloe Kardashian are at each other’s necks!

Before Kim went to Paris with baby daddy Kanye West, she told Khloe that she needed to dump Lamar because he is bruising the family brand.

And the rift between the two sisters is so deep that Kim did not attend a family trip to Vegas because of all the tension. Khloe was hosting a party and all the fam attended but Kim, who went to L.A. and partied with Yeezy, Oprah and some others.


Lamar Odom Spotted for First Time This Week

Lamar Odom has finally revealed himself after a week of uncertain whereabouts and checking himself in and out of rehab. He was spotted on Friday at LA sushi restaurant Octopus with a male friend.

He didn’t look very happy,

said the eatery’s hostess.

And who would, after weeks of public scrutiny from having a crack addiction, being given an ultimatum by wife Khloe Kardashian. It’s apparent that Odom doesn’t believe he has a drug problem and isn’t ready to turn in his pipe.

Meanwhile, Khloes been enjoying her seperation from the NBA free agent, partying with friends and posting uplifting tweets. But she has no idea where her husband is and what he’s doing.

Khloe doesn’t know where Lamar is, </blockquote a source said on Sept 5.

She’s just exhausted. I don’t think anyone knows where he is at this point.

The source said Khloe not fazed by Lamar going to rehab and really doesn’t believe he ever went in the first place.


Hollywood in a Mouthful!!


Caption: Kanye says Kim is the love of his life Friday on Kris.

SURPRISE!!Kanye Releases First Photos of North West

Kanye is set to be a guest on grandma Kris Jenners talk show on Friday 3pm CST. He will be bringing pics of baby North with him. The episode was taped earlier in the week. He will reportedly also talk about how we was in love with Kim from the moment he saw her, and always wanted to be with her. (awwww!! ain’t that mushy!)


Dick van Dyk Rescued From Burning Vehicle in LA

Veteran actor Dick van Dyk later joked about being pulled from his burning vehicle by a passerby, but we sure hope he’s as grateful.

The Jaguar became engulfed in flames on a LA freeway. Motorist Jason Pennington saw Dyk slumped over the steering wheel.

Van Dyks 41 year old wife came to the scene to pick up her husband. Later, the Actor tweeted a picture of the completely charred and destroyed car saying: ‘Used Jag for sale REAL CHEAP!!’

Jodi Arias Stalked a Previous Boyfriend

HLN host Jane Velez Mitchell recently reported new details about the Jodi Arias murder trial. Apparently, the convicted murderer had stalked another boyfriend before Travis Alexander; in a very similar manner than the deceased. However, the details were never revealed in the case.

Arias was found guilty, but has yet to be sentenced. She is due back in court on Monday.


Kanye West Jokes With Paparazzi


SO SAD: Toni Braxton Will Have to pay to Perform her own Songs

Toni Braxton has lost the rights to 27 of her songs in an auction due to her bankruptcy issues.

Years back when Toni owed the IRS she had her catalog taken from her. A judge told her that she could pay $27,000 to get her catalog back, but since they were put in an auction, anyone could outbid her and buy the songs.

Well, either Toni doesnt have the money or has no desire to ever perform her hits again. An LA judge bought the 27 song catalog which includes some of her most beloved hits including, Let me Count the Ways, You’re Making me High, Always and many more.

This means that Toni will have to pay in order to sing and perform her own songs.

So sad. Maybe she should have been saving the money she’s been making from Braxton Family Values to pay for the catalog.


Unbreak my Heart is not in the catalog because it was written by a third party.


George and Stacy : Will They Remain Friends?

Supposedly, Stacy broke it off because she wants to have a family and kids one day. It was also frustrating for the two to be living in different countries. (Duh!)

But perhaps that’s the way George likes it . And why he chooses to live overseas on Lake Como, Italy rather than the US. ( Nice playa moves Georgie!)

But the New York Post reports that it was George who broke it of, asking Stacy (last month) to start moving her things out of his L.A. home.

NY Post says it was more of a ” you can’t fire me because I quit” move, a source insists to the paper that Stacy was ready to eighty-six Clooney anyway and had been “planning to move out for a while.”

She had also been looking for a place of her own, the Post adds.

And TMZ says the split was amicable, because they were friends before they dated and want to remain friends.

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