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(VIDEO) Kate Gosselin’s Teenage Kids Totally Embarass her on The Today Show (MUST WATCH)

We couldn’t put it better. The link from Neo Newz put it best, “Kate Gosselin’s Children Are ‘Emotionally Intimidated’ On ‘Today.”  Even if you were never a Jon and Kate Gosselin (Kate Plus 8) fan, check out this completely ackward clip of Kate on The Today Show with her twin girls. This is especially weird after Wendy Williams Show watchers fell in love with her ex-husband Jon the day before.


Hollywood…in a Mouthful!!

Three 6 Mafia Member Dies Overnight

Three 6 Mafia member, Lord Infamous was found dead last night (Dec. 20, 2013) at his mother’s home in Memphis Tennessee, said the group’s publicist, Dove Clark.

Infamous was a founding member of the Grammy Award winning group.

The cause of his death is unknown at this time.

Miley Cyrus Talks Hollywood, Liam and Says I’m not a Slut

Miley opened up about all the topics everyone wants to know about. She said she realized that she was too young to be engaged (to Liam Hemsworth.) But she did like rocking a fat ring. We really liked Miley’s choice of wardrobe.

BOO-HOO! Demi Lovato is Leaving X-Factor!

Kelly, Demi and Paulina pose at the season finale.

Kelly, Demi and Paulina pose yesterday at the taping of the season finale. BTW, doesnt Kelly look gorgeous?

Tonight, the season finale of X Factor, is Demi’s last time in the voting seat. The singer is leaving to pursue her singing career and touring. We’re sooo sad about Demi leaving. We thing she’s the best out of the judges. We’ll miss that awesome turquoise/blue hair too! It’s also rumored that Simon Cowell is leaving the judging seat to go back behind the scenes. So does this mean he’ll replace Kelly Rowland and Paulina Rubio.

Lamar Odom is Confiding in his Baby Mama Liza Morales!

Lamar is planning on spending the holidays with his two children in New York City, which is a great idea considering he hasn’t seen his kids in several months. The kids used to visit Lamar and Khloe all the time, until the trouble started brewing. It doesn’t look like Lamar and Liza are getting back together, although they were together for ten years.

B.O.B. Talks Underground Luxury With the Breakfast Club


Elin Nordegren Approves of Lindsay Vonn Having her Kids

Lindsay Vonn seems to be making a big impression on not only boyfriend Tiger Woods, but ex-wife Elin Nordegren as well!

She was spotted Monday morning taking Woods’ kids — Sam, 5, and Charlie, 3 — to school in Palm Beach, Fla., on her own.

This is a huge step, especially since Elin has it spelled out in the divorce agreement that no girlfriends can have contact with the kids without her permission.


Damon Dash’s Financial Problems Mounting

Troubled music mogul and ex-Rocafella Records CEO Damon Dash unfortunately has more money issues.

Dash has admitted that he owes $100,000 on rent for his New York home, and is therefore facing eviction.

He also owes $2 million in back taxes to New York State and recently was ordered to pay $240,000 to an apparel exec and $90,000 in interest on a loan he took out in 2006.

On top of all this, he also pays fashion designer Rachel Roy $24,000 every three months in child support for their two children.


Hollywood… In a Mouthful!!

Brook Mueller Loses Custody of Charlie Sheen’s Kids

Brook Mueller has lost custody of her and Charlie Sheen’s twin boys because of suspected drug use. Temporary custody has been awarded to Charlie’s ex-wife Denise Richardson.

Kobe Bryant Suing his Mommy for Memorabilia

Mommy is selling some Kobe memorabilia. Pam Bryant made a deal with an auction house and received a very nice advance check. But Kobe sent a ceast and desist letter to the new Las Vegas home that Pam bought with the money.

Kobe is reportedly mad because he offered to buy his parents a home, but they did not like the house he picked for them. And Pam reportedly had already asked Kobe if he wanted the things and he told her no. He thinks that his mom is really upset because he recently bought his ex- mother-in-law a grandiose house.

Lindsay Lohans’s Crazy Rehab Weekend

Attorney Heller was fired by Lindsay over the weekend and re-replaced by her old female attorney Shawn Holley, who easily got Lindsay into the Betty Ford clinic.

Her reason for firing Heller is because he failed to research the Newport Beach facility, whose license was revoked.

Jodi Arias Followed Kathy Griffin on Twitter

The world reknowned murder suspect Jodi Arias only followed 14 people on the social network; Kathy Griffin being one on them. Check out Kathy’s funny response when Mario Lopez insists she should tweet her.

Extra TV


Shaq Uses Kids to Threaten Shaunie’s Boyfriend

Looks like there may be more drama to look forward to on VH1’s Basketball Wives. READ MORE!!


Chris Brown to read to kids



katherine jackson gets custody of grandkids

Mother Jackson has drafted an agreement with Deborah Rowe that designates the grandmother as the legal guardian of Michael’s three children and allows Rowe visitation rights for the older two children.

The agreement will be presented in court on Aug. 3.

Spousal support for Rowe will continue as the deceased performer had agreed, which may be better for Rowe now because according to her, Jackson had not even been paying her the monthly amounts they agreed to.

“The parties engaged in a dignified discussion that resulted in a dignified outcome,” Rowe’s attorney Eric George said in a statement to

Mrs. Jackson and the family are pleased this matter is resolved and was handled in a caring, thoughtful and courteous manner by the parties and their representatives,” Katherine Jackson’s attorneys, L. Londell McMillan and Diane Goodman, said in a statement.


update: joe jackson and debbie rowe not included in jackson’s will, but diana ross is

Michael Jackson’s will was presented in court today, giving his entire estate to a family trust and leaving his ex-wife Debbie Rowe out completely.

The will, dated July 7, 2002, estimated his estate at that time at more than $500 million.

It names his mother Katherine Jackson as the beneficiary of the trust and guardian of his three children, who are also named in the will.

I also names Diana Ross as a successor guardian to the children, if something should happen to Mother Jackson.



joe jackson fights for the truth about son’s death, last wishes and children’s future


Patriarch Joe Jackson says that the Jackson family is an emotional wreck and very upset with their beloved one’s lawyers.

“We’re holding a family meeting now,” Joe Jackson, 79, told People magazine yesterday. “We don’t like what’s going on.”

Apparently, the lawyers will not allow the  Jackson’s to view Michael’s will and fear that Debbie Rowe (the mother of Michael’s three children) will fight for custody of her kids.

The family has also expressed their hurt for media that speculate Michael died of a drug overdose.

“That’s what we’re trying to find out right now,” he said of the cause of death. “We’re trying to find out that information. When we find it out, we’ll know.”

Joe Jackson pleads to the fans not to rush to judgement about how his son passed away.

“There’s a lot to be told, though, I’ll tell you that right now,” Joe Jackson said. “The truth! The truth is still to be told.”

Father Jackson says that they family has been putting on a strong front for Michael’s kids Prince,12, Paris, 11, and Prince II “Blanket.” But the pain of losing their most dominant relative is starting to take its toll.

“The kids have fallen apart today,” the source told People. “They have taken it so, so hard. [Friday] everybody was being really strong for the kids, but today it just hit everybody.”

And the fact that the family is unsure of Michael’s last wishes and the details of the will adds to grief enormously.

“The family has no access to the will,” said a source, adding they have been barred from seeing it by Jackson’s lawyers.

“The family has no idea what to do. They don’t even know when to bury him. They don’t know what to do about anything. They aren’t getting any answers from Michael’s lawyers.”

Even mother Katherine Jackson has been prohibited from removing any of her youngest son’s belongings such as clothes and adornments for the burial.

“Michael’s people won’t give Mrs. Jackson anything,” the source said.

The last concern and fright  is wondering what Debbie Rowe has planned.

“They haven’t heard from Debbie Rowe and don’t know what’s going on in that respect, either,” the source said. “Joe and Katherine really want the children. They for sure want the children.”

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