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Vanessa Simmons Reveals First Pic of her Baby Girl!!


If you’ve been wondering where the other have of the Pastry empire has been keeping herself, she’s been pregnant. But just gave birth (on Valentines Day) to a beautiful baby girl.

The new mommy recently Instagrammed a pic of her dad Rev Runs first grandbaby.

And the father? No other than Wayans clan member Mike Wayans, son of Damon Wayans.

The couple named their bundle Ava Marie Jean Wayans.

20140301-105056.jpgCAPTION:The happy couple at their baby shower in Jan.


Hollywood…in a Mouthful!

Dana White Says Floyd Mayweather Would get Murdered in the UFC

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Bow Wow Ain’t Going Nowhere; Not Fired From BET



Claims that Bow Wow was fired from BET’s 106 & Park for paying his child support with a company credit card are false! But the web had us going for a minute!

At 1 AM on Jan. 24, 50 Cent got word of the rumor and couldn’t believe it! He tweeted out, “This sh-t is a joke right? This can’t be real.”

However, Bow Wow cleared up the rumor a few hours later.

Right before 5 AM, Bow Wow wrote, ”It was fake story homie. Naw it ain’t official.”


Robin Thicke and Some gal With big Hair Look Pretty Cozy!  

Photos of Robin Thicke partying with a beautiful, big haired model at Club 79 in Paris have set the Internet on fire and has us asking, “Why are there so many RT cheating scandals?”

The two were spotted dirty dancing and by the looks of these pics, they may have even kissed! Kanye West was close by, being on good boy behavior, but Robin’s wifey Paula Patton was nowhere around.

Some are saying that maybe the two have an “open relationship,” but I’ve seen how Paula cries in those movies, and I can see her just sulking in their bedroom… ALONE! Awww poor pretty girl.

WTF!! Kanye Calls Himself an Astronaut in Interview Mag



When asked about the whole Taylor Swift situation, ‘Ye admitted, that he dealt with the backlash with “God, sex and alcohol.” (Not such a good combination.)

“…You know, becoming famous is like being catapulted into space sometimes without a space suit. We’ve seen so many people combust, suffocate, get lost in all these different things. But to have an anchor of other astronauts and to make a little space family…I wanted a family.”

Well it makes sense in that Yeezy sort of way. We’re glad he has his Kardashian Klan to “anchor” him. Now simmer down and get rid of that hot head, Yeezy!

Check out the whole interview below!

Interview Magazine

Is Johnny Depp Finally Ready for Marriage? Girlfriend Sporting a big Rock

amber-heard-engaged-johnny-depp-vogue-15jan14-akm-gsi_b_426x639 heard_.2_opinuns.012014

According to People, Johnny Depp, 50, and girlfriend Amber Heard, 27, are engaged! The couple got together shortly after his breakup from longtime love Vanessa Paradis (the mother of his two kids)  in 2012. They made their first official appearance as a couple at last week’s The Art of Elysium gala. Engagement rumors started swirling  when Amber was photographed outside LA’s Ago Restaurant attempting to hide her left hand. A little sparkle was caught on camera, though, in what appears to be her engagement ring.

We thought Johnny would be a bachelor forever! Maybe there’s hope for George Clooney yet!

Lindsay Lohan Scheduled to Star in new Movie Inconceivable

Lindsay Lohan speaks at her Press Conference at the Social Film Loft during the 2014 Sundance Film Festival.

Lindsay Lohan speaks at her Press Conference at the Social Film Loft during the 2014 Sundance Film Festival.

Looks like Lindsay may be getting her career back on a steady track. She attended the Sundance Film Festival and announced her next film project. And the producer of the film has great faith in her and believes her life and career after child acting, has just started. The Lions Gate film will start shooting in March.


Dwyane Wade Finally Proposes to Gabrielle Union!


It’s finally official!

Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade and actress Gabrielle Union are now engaged. Wade posted a picture on his Instagram with the caption “She said YES!!!”

Meanwhile, Gabby posted a pic on her Instagram with the caption “Sooooo this happened… #Yessss”

Congrats to the beautiful couple.



Kardash Cam!!

Kim and Kanye Getting Married in the House of Versailles?

Rumors are swirling that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have picked the  historic Palace of Versailles as the location for their wedding. 

The Palace of Versailles is a French chateau built by King Louis XIV during the French Revolution. 

Kanye is really the one who wants the big wedding and the budget is no issue , a source revealed to Us Weekly.

But despite reports, a rep for Kim K told the Daily News the reports are  “false.”

Kim and Kanye pose while on the road for 'Yeezus' tour.

Kim and Kanye pose while on the road for ‘Yeezus’ tour. (Kim Kardashian Instagram)

“They have not selected a location, a date or a wedding planner.”

Kanye has Beef With the Andy Warhol Family Over Painting

Kanye has an issue with a Warhol-like painting of Kim Kardashian, that someone from his camp ordered for a Christmas gift. The painting was created by Monica Warhol, who says she never spoke directly with Kanye, but talked to someone from his camp about the picture. She said she did receive credentials from the person, proving they worked for Kanye. Although she worked on sketches, she has not been able to reach the person. The sketch images have been leaked, but Warhol says theyare not for sale…and there won’t be a painting unless she hears from Kanye.

Warhol believes that Kanye may not know who commissioned the painting and that may be the reason why he’s not responding to Warhol. Apparently, the person (who’s name she will not release,) wanted the painting (maybe to give to Kanye or Kim) as a Christmas gift. 

Kanye told TMZ that he did not order the painting.


Khloe Stays in Good Spirits While Marriage is in Trouble

Hours after Lamar Odom was arrested in Van Nuys, wifey Khloe Kardashian tweeted and kept a good mindset to keep her in the best spirits.

“Smile and no one will notice,” she tweeted.

She also posted a pic of her and her style team goofing off on Instagram.

Husband Lamar, 33, was arrested for DUI after he was spotted going too slowly on the 101 Freeway in the San Fernando Valley. He took a sobriety test on the scene but refused to take full drug tests later at the precinct.

Now we’ve learned that the NBA free agents license is suspended for a year.

“The addiction had taken over their marriage,” a source told Us Weekly. The problem is cocaine. He would be high for three or four days at a time.”

Meanwhile, Khloe just wants her marriage to last and She wants Lamar to get help.


Instagram/ Twitter Goodies!!


Beyonce Tries a Bold Cut

Beyonce recently debuted her new pixie cut hairdo on Instagram. We’ve seen Bey with short hair such as this before. The style is quite similar to the look she wore in the movie Cadillac Records. We hope she keeps this style for a while!

Meet Nicki’s Twins

Nicki Minaj has been posting some pretty sexy pics, letting the world know she has finally joined Instagram. Over the past weeks, she has posted a pic of her bare bum, a video of her twerking and now she’s posted those boobies!


Donald Faison and Cacee Cobb Reveal Newborns Name

The couple finally revealed the name of their infant child. His name is Rocco.

“Yesterday @caceecobb and I welcomed the most amazing little boy into our lives! Oh Happy Day!!” the former Scrubs actor tweeted one day after the couple welcomed their first child together on Thursday, Aug. 15. Cobb added: “The happiest day of my life.”


Lebron and Jay-Z Almost Shut Down Miami With Their Boss Antics


Such an idiot move!

On Friday night, Lebron James was escorted to the Jay-Z/ Justin Timberlake concert after Miami police were radioed that the Miami Heat star needed a ride to Sun Life Stadium, where the show took place.

This already sounds like a WTF moment.

A policeman not only rushes to James and his fiancé Savannah Brinson to get them to the concert on time, but drives against traffic in a highway traffic jam!

Boss moves, huh? Must be nice.

But why did Lebron post an Instagram video of the ride?

Now Lebron has gotten the officer in trouble! The incident is now being investigated by South Florida authorities.

James should have made a written request beforehand, which is required for high profile figures to receive such treatment.

But that’s not all!!!!!

To make sure that King Lebron missed none of the show, Jay-Z refused to start the concert and waited for the baller to arrive!

An attendee told TMZ that by the time the show started, people were starting to get impatient. But soon after, the show started, luckily.

Do you think these top notch, A List celebs should get such ridiculously biased and special treatment??


Usher V Awoke and Doing Well


After receiving the bad news that she would not receive temporary custody of her boys Usher V and Navyid, Tomeka Raymond and Usher are both in good spirits now that they’re son is recovering from his near fatal drowning on Monday.

By way of his mother, Tameka Raymond, little Usher Raymond V “Woke up cheerful, happy and hungry … watching Fresh Prince. What does he know about Fresh Prince? lol.”




Sarah Jessica Parker and daughter make a run in NYC on June 6.


Jessica Alba looks sexy and summery at Spike TV’s Guys Choice Awards. She also received a best dressed nod on E’s Fashion Police this week.

June 2013 Vogue cover model Kate Upton celebrates her 21st birthday with her uncle, Congressman Fred Upton (R- Mich.), and GOP Whip Kevin McCarthy.

“With Congressman Fred Upton and his niece, Kate. We are celebrating Kate’s 21st Birthday #kateupton,” McCarthy wrote posted on Instagram.


Check out Kate Upton’s 2013 Vogue photoshoot below :

Kate Upton’s Incredible VOGUE Photoshoot | Journalicious!

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