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Justin Beiber’s Week Long Wild Out!



CAPTION: The ladies were rushed off to Justin’s hotel.

Not only did 19-year-old Justin Beiber get caught sneaking out of a brothel in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil during his Believe world tour, disguised by bedsheets, Now video has been posted online by a groupie girl who partied with the star, after a recent tour stop.

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Now we know that Justin has these groupie girls sign confidentiality agreements before a night of partying. But where were the agreements and the bodyguards afterwards? Obviously nowhere around.. Or maybe asleep with groupies themselves.

It wasnt long before the young lady who took the selfie video was identified as Tati Neves.

Justin’s reps have yet to release a statement.



GLEE Star Found Dead at 31

Glee star Cory Monteith’s life has been cut way too soon. The actor was found dead in his Vancouver hotel room on July 13.

The coroner is investigating the actors death. No foul play seems to be involved.

However, Monteith, 31, had checked himself into rehab on March 31 for substance abuse, with the support of girlfriend and Glee co-star Lea Michele, his fellow castmates and 20th Century Fox, as well.

After his release on April 26, friends say he seemed a lot healthier and happier.

He even tweeted about how much he appreciated everyone’s love and support.

In an interview with Parade in 2011, Monteith admitted he battled with drug and alcohol abuse since he dropped out of high school at the age of 16.



UPDATE: Wayne Visited by TI and Others in Hospital; TI Bashes TMZ for Reporting Lies?

After TMZ and CNN allegedly reported that Lil Wayne was in a coma with his family at his death bed, the rapper seems to be fine now and has returned to Twitter.

The rapper’s publicist told the Daily News that Wayne was not in any imminent danger.
“He is not in critical condition. He is recovering and doing well now. He appreciates everyone’s concern. But he is okay,” Kia Selby, a publicist at Cash Money Records, said.

However, at the time of his hospitalization, his reps would not issue a statement on his condition.

Wayne’s first seizure happened Tuesday after a concert in LA. He was taken to the hospital and later released. His bodyguard actually found him on his hotel room floor during his second seizure and he was taken back to emergency a second time.

TMZ later had to retract their statement of Lil Wayne about to receive his last rites at the hospital once Cash Money’s Mack Maine announced that the report was false.

Nevertheless, Wayne was visited by Mack, Baby, Nicki Minaj, TI, Drake and Chris Paul. TI had some choice words for TMZ. Saying, “TMZ, all of y’all take this entertainment sh-t way too far my ni–a” T.I. told SkeeTV. “We men first. We got mommas, we got kids, we got families, man. When they hurt, we hurt, understand that.”

So maybe Wayne’s condition really was over-exaggerated by TMZ.

Wayne’s dependency on sizzurp (a mix of codeine and soda) seems to be the reason for the multiple seizures he’s had over the years. His last batch of seizures occurred only six months ago.

What if his bodyguard hadn’t found him? Would He have really died?

These rappers (and anyone else) really need to be more responsible with their lives and leave the sizzurp alone. Rappers DJ Screw and Pimp C lost their lives to the prescription drug. Who will be next?


Drake heads to Cedars Sinai.

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