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Kid Cudi Makes Bold Statements About Jay-z, Hip Hop and Suicide (MUST WATCH)

Kid Cudi Performs on Arsenio Hall Show

Last night, a vulnerable Kid Cudi poured out his heart on his perception of hip hop…and other things.

Cudi said he was “shivering” just talking about how superficiality of hip hop culture is killing black people and our children. He went on to say that his only goals for getting his music to the masses is so kids won’t feel lonely and won’t commit suicide. He went to admit his past battles (just over the past five years) with suicide. He added that he knows how it feels to be lonely and wants kids to know they can overcome it.

Seems like Cudi feels like the “Stunna” lyrics of today’s top rappers, and even his mentor Jay-Z, are killing our youth just as much as suicide.

Check out his interview and performance of song Internal Bleeding.


Hollywood…in a Mouthful!! OVERLOAD!!

Justin Beiber Heads to the Strip Club and You Won’t Believe the Pics.

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strong>The LOX on the Breakfast Club

Talib Kweli Says Macklemore Fans No Nothing About Real Hip Hop

All Hip Hop

Lebron, D Wade and Bosh Sing Blurred Lines!! LOL


Oprah Turns 60! But how Does she Look?

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Kanye Settles out of Court With Racist Teenager

Kanye West has just payed the 18 year old boy that called fiance Kim Kardashian a n***** lover $25,000. Well we guess it’s best that Kanye is out of this mess and charges have been dropped, but that little moron does not deserve any amount of money. He’ll probably blow it before he’s 21. If his parents were smart, they wouldn’t have allowed the jerk to take the money, but maybe they were out for a payday too.

Macklemore’s Tweet to Kendrick Lamar Tacky? We Think Not

Everyone’s talking about how Macklemore getting the Rap Album of the Year instead of Kendrick Lamar, who everyone know’s should have gotten the award, but anyways… Even we’re still proud of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis for winning their first Grammy, the rapper defintitely feels the backlash and uproar about “stealing” the award frm Kendrick. And consequently, sent the west coast rapper a tweet saying,

“You got robbed. I wanted you to win. You should have. It’s weird and sucks that I robbed you.”

Some say the tweet was tacky and maybe Macklemore should have sent it as a private message to Kendrick, but we’re glad that he said anything at all. Plus, the liquor had probably kicked in, if not went he typed the text, then when he actually sent it. Now should Macklemore give his Grammy to Kendrick? Hell no! Ain’t nobody giving away their first Grammy! LOL

T.I. and Tiny Deny Their Breaking Up

T.I. and Tiny say that they are not divorcing and their marriage is not in shambles. They say they just had a fight right before the Grammys about whether they would walk the red carpet or not. 

Charlemagne The God Calls Rich Dollaz a B****


Hollywood in a Mouthful!!


Jennifer Aniston Says no Wedding or Baby Coming Soon, but do we Believe Her?

Sure looks like a baby bump to us. Don’t be surprised if Jen drops the baby bomb on us soon.



Oprah’s RuPaul Wig

The media mogul dons this 3lb wig on the Sept issue of O Magazine. The issue is dedicated to hair, of course!

New Apple Models Coming Soon

Apple will be debuting the next iPhone on Sept 1, The iPhone 5S and the more affordable 5C smartphone.

The public is also hoping that info about the much anticipated iWatch will be revealed.

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“The Cleveland Show” Reveals Hip Hop Illuminati Members?

The episode is called Menace II Secret Society and features the voices of Kanye West, Nicki Minaj,, ?uestlove, and Bruno Mars.

In the sneak peek released to E! Online, Cleveland plays a disgruntled songwriter who sneaks into an Illuminati meeting to confront “Kenny” (Kanye West) about a song that they co-wrote together. Here’s another clip:

The Hip-Hop Illuminati episode is slated to premiere this Sunday, October 21, at 7:30 p.m. on FOX.




Hollywood…in a Mouthful!! Hip Hop Edition

Chief Keef I Don’t Like ft. Lil Reese

(I’m not very comfortable watching a bunch of little n****s with no shirts on.

Slaughterhouse Juggernauts ft. Eminem (On the House)

Shyne Goes in on Diddy; Calls him a “Rat”

Game ft. Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Tyga and Wiz Khalifa Celebration



Hip Hop Legend Ms Melodie Passes Away

The legendary Ms. Melodie has been on my mind all year. I’d been asking my old hip hop heads what happened to her and even Google’d her a couple times. At least now I know she’s in a better place.

She was the first female hip hop artist to break down hip hop’s stereotypical trend and show us that a big girl could have the respect and love of her male counterparts.

The former wife of KRS-One, real name Ramona Parker,passed on Thursday at age 43.

She released her first single The Hype According to Ms Melodie in 1988 and her only album Diva in 1989 on Jive Records. Her memorable video Live on Stage featured many famous rappers (unknown at the time.) And who could forget her cameo in the non-violence anthem Self-Destruction. She also appeared in her mentee Queen Latifah’s video Ladies First.

At this time the cause of death is unknown.



Celebs Support Frank Ocean as he Reveals Sexuality on Tumblr and new Album

“On his debut studio album, Channel Orange set to be released July 17, he is singing about love and instead of saying ‘her’ he says ‘him,’ in a few songs. ” – PS Love Charli

No better day than Independence Day for music’s most buzzworthy super-producer Frank Ocean to declare his freedom by finally declaring that he is a bi-sexual male.

On July 4, Frank confessed, via Tumblr, his first relationship with a man stating,

“4 summers ago, I met somebody. I was 19 years old. He was too…He wouldn’t tell the truth about his feelings for me for another 3 years, I kept up a peculiar friendship with him because I couldn’t imagine keeping up my life without him.”

“…”We spent that summer, and the summer after, together. Everyday almost. And on the days we were together, time would glide,” he wrote of a romance he shared with another man. “Most of the day I’d see him, and his smile. I’d hear his conversation and his silence..until it was time to sleep. Sleep I would often share with him.”

(Damn, even this man’s Tumblr messages are deep.)

He then added,

“I don’t have any secrets that I need kept anymore…I feel like a free man.”

Although some industry insiders believe that Frank’s declaration of  sexual independence could devastate his career, the producer (whose most notable work is several songs on the Watch the Throne album) is receiving great praises and admiration from his industry pals.

Chely Wright, the first country music singer to reveal her gay sexuality told TMZ,

“I can’t think of a better way for Frank to celebrate Independence Day. It’s spectacular.”

Busta Rhymes expressed his respect for Frank, telling MTv,

“Whatever that man does in his personal space is that man’s choice and that man’s business,” Bussa Bus told MTV News. “I am an extremely huge fan of Frank Ocean. His music is impeccable to me, and as far as I’m concerned, I respect the dude completely. … I don’t know if it’s just about hip-hop being willing to accept it, I think the whole world is ready to accept whatever people choose to be in life. From hip-hop all the way down to the common man that walks the streets on the Earth every day, we’re at a place in life where we gotta respect and accept what people choose as their path that they wanna walk in life, because ultimately you want people to respect what you choose as your path and your journey in life.”

Trina commented,

“He’s extremely talented and that’s what matters.” But Trina tells us, “I don’t think [Frank’s] music sales or the level of support his music obtains should be judged based on his sexual preference.” She adds, “If he’s happy and comfortable with his sexuality then so be it. I feel his decision to come forward was bold and honest. It’s his life. Let him enjoy and live it. I wish him much success and happiness.”

Other celebrities congratulated  Ocean on Twitter.

Rapper Bun B put it best, tweeting,

“Nobody should have to live a lie. And I don’t judge people. GOD does. RT @Chris23Brunson: @BunBTrillOG whats ya opinion about Frank Ocean?”

“I salute you, brave soul. Independence Day. @Frank Ocean

-Solange Knowles

“frank ocean is very important for the growth of humanity.”

– Mac Miller

“Frank Ocean is more honest than the average industry person!”

– Cormega

“Profoundly moved by courage of @frank_ocean”

– Russell Simmons





The Entertainment Industry Takes on Barack The Vote!

Barack the Vote Docu-Series Being Filmed

This has been a great week for Barack the Vote, as celebrities from both ends of the entertainment spectrum have taken on roles in the quest to re-new President Barack Obama’s term. 

Emmy Award-winning producer Marc Levin has started producing a docu-series about Barack the Vote for a major cable television network. Levin is most recently known for the docu-series  Brick City about Newark, NJ Mayor Cory Booker. The series will be entitled Road to Convention and will follow the ups and downs of the Barack the Vote campaign as they travel across the country.

Bun B Joins the Fight

Rapper Bun B has just signed on to be a celebrity ambassador for Barack the Vote. The Hip Hop icon hopes to remind and compel all rap lovers to vote again for Pres. Obama. 





While Jay-Z topped’s inaugural Hip-Hop Cash Kings list of the top-earning people in the business last year, in 2008 he cedes the throne to Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, who raked in $150 million over the past 12 months–almost twice what Jay-Z made.

Fitty banked $100 million after taxes on one deal alone when his stake in VitaminWater’s parent, Glacéau, was bought by Coca-Cola as part of a $4.1 billion deal. The rapper’s business empire also includes the G-Unit clothing line and record label, plus films, videogames and platinum albums, including last year’s “Curtis.”

Also in the works is a partnership with South African mining billionaire Partrice Motsepe that would bring the rapper an equity stake in the mine–and 50 Cent-branded platinum to the world.

For the second year in a row, Sean “Diddy” Combs finished third on the list with $35 million from his revenue streams, including his clothing line Sean John, record label Bad Boy, premium vodka Ciroc and two reality-TV shows.

Kanye West clocks in at No. 4 with $30 million, while Andre “Dr. Dre” Young earned $15 million last year – based solely on his catalog of hits spanning two decades.

Tupac, who died 10 years ago, also made about $15 million, according to Forbes.

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