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BREAKING NEWS: Shots Fired at the Capitol

Multiple shots have fired close to our nations Capitol in Washington DC and one person is dead. The FBI is in route. The capital has been instructed to stay inside, close and lock all doors.


BREAKING NEWS!!! Shots Fired at Home of Murdered Saginaw, Tx Girl

It always sounded suspicious ( to us at least) that the 6 year old Saginaw girl was found bound and gagged inside a trash bag on her own neighborhood street.

It sounded even more weird when the tools used to bind the girl were found in the family home. And later, the girls father refused to tell police details of what happened the day she went missing. But, still, no arrests involving the famiky have been made.

However, just minutes ago, shots have been  fired close to the Saginaw familys home and an officer has beeen shot. According to Fox 4 News, police are on the scene and have found a burned vehicle and teddy bear on the premises.



Randy Tired of American Idol?

I hate to see him go!! Randy Jackson has finally announced that this is his last season on American Idol. He’s the show’s last original judge.

“Yo! Yo! Yo! To put all of the speculation to the rest, after 12 years of judging on ‘American Idol’ I have decided it is time to leave after this season,” Randy said in a statement to E! News.

Yet the rumor is that Randy is just beating executives to the punch, before he is fired with all the rest of the judges, who allegedly may all be let go after this season.


Hollywood… In a Mouthful!!



Heather Locklear’s hot new Man

Heather’s in love! She’s dating Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Mark Mani. You may have seen him on TV because he is a reality TV star on Plastic Surgery Beverly Hills.This guy looks a little weird to us… A little plastic Ken doll-ish, but whatever!

Porsha and Cordell Divorce a Skam?

Media Take Out reports that Porsha and Cordell’s divorce is all a plot to secure their place on Real Housewives of Atlanta. Allegedly, Bravo almost fired the couple and so they had to think of something quick.

Naomi Campbell and Vladimir Breaking Up

They’ve been together for 5 years, the UK’s hottest couple are supposedly calling it quits. Is it because Vlad is married. Not really. He and his wife have been separated for years and she actually approves of Vlad dating other women. WTF?!


Hollywood…in a Mouthful!


Jay-Z gets out of his Maybach, Monday afternoon wearing an Alexander Wang Double Breasted Long Leather Sleeved Trench Coat, a Don C Fitted, and Celine ID Bracelet.

Jay-Z Gives up Stake in The Nets for Roc Nation

Jay-Z is selling his stake in The Nets. The mogul just launched his Roc Nation sports division that will represent athletes, however representing athletes and owning stakes in a sports team is considered a conflict of interest by the NFL.

But “I’ll be a Net forever,” proclaimed Jay.

Kim K and Kris Humphries’ Divorce Petition Granted by Judge

So looks like the divorce could come just in time for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s baby to be born over the summer.

No More Khloe on X Factor

Khloe Kardashians meddling momager Kris Jenner is the supposed reason why Khloe has been fired! Kris had the nerve to tell producers to fire the awesome co-star Mario Lopez… And hire another Kardashian! By the way, Mario is returning.

Miley and Liam are Engagement Officially Off?
Miley finally caught Liam texting January Jones. So Miley has stopped wearing her ring again.

Beyonce got Smacked Around in Serbia

Beyonce got mushed in the face by one attendee and even got her hair pulled by another fan. LMAO ! I think every celebrity needs some reality snacked into them every now and then. Watch how Bey looks at the fan that basically slaps her in the face.



Joseline Says she and Stevie J Will Have Baby PLUS is she Related to Rihanna?

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Hollywood… In a Mouthful!!

What Will Jay Leno do After Late Night?

The rumor is still floating that Jimmy Fallon will replace Jay Leno. But that hasn’t stopped Leno from making his regular jokes about ABC. And in return, Jimmy returns the favor and denies that he’s moving up to the 11 o’clock spot to compete with the long time host.

Everyone is also wondering whatever will Leno do after late night television? The comedian does still have his stand-up set in Vegas to keep him busy on the weekends. And he claims he’s never even cashed  a check from his Vegas gig. Nice huh?

Joy Behar Leaving The View and Hasselback Fired?

Barbra Walters confirmed on yesterday’s show that she and Elizabeth Hasselback are not going anywhere. Joy Behar, unfortunately, is leaving and rumors are that Ali Wentworth is her replacement.

The Booties go at It!!!

Well RHOA’s Kenya Moore is definitely winning over Phaedra Parks. Moore’s Stallion Booty workout video is ranked #59 on and Parks’ Donkey Booty is #98.

Dean and Tori Spelling Divorcing

Rumors are swirling that pregnant Tori, 38, is paranoid Dean will leave her for another woman after she gives birth, and she constantly accuses him of cheating. There have been numerous rumors of his cheating through out the years and also of his addiction to porn!

Lil Kim Says Blogs are Altering her Photos

Wendy Williams reported that after some horrible pics were published by blogs, Lil Kim believes that they are altering her already weird looking photos. It’s no secret that Kim keeps altering her face with more cosmetic surgery. Wendy doesn’t believe her photos are being altered, just that sometimes photographers might snap the legendary raptress in mid-expression.

Sarah Jessica Parker Giving up High Heels?

It’s true. After recently twisting her ankle twice, SJP has announced she will stop wearing high heels.



UPDATE: Witness Says she Heard Arguing and Shots From Pistorious’ Apartment

Oscar Pistorious’ bail has still not been determined. But the Paraolympic runner revealed more details. He says that it was dark inside his apartment when the shots were fired. Yet, a neighbor says that she heard arguing earlier in the evening; and later heard shots, saw a light come on, heard a woman screaming and then heard more shots!

An illustration of the athletes apartment was shown with images of what he says happened. He says on Valentines night, he got out of bed to bring in a fan that was on the patio. He then heard noises, and scooted to where his gun was. He says he did not have on his prosthetic legs. He then scooted in front of the bathroom door, and started to shoot.

But investigators say that how the gunshots are positioned in the door ( pointing down,) there’s no way Pistorious was on the floor. The shots would be pointing up if he was in fact shooting from the floor. In fact, the shots point directly at the toilet!


Hollywood…in a Mouthful!!

On Oscar night Ashton showed off his new girlfriend, a leggy brunette Demi look-a-like, screenwriter Lorene Scafaria. He brought her along to Madonna’s annual Oscar party last week. The two were affectionate, holding hands and Lorene even rubbed his back. They spent Christmas together in Italy, but at the time, Ashton said they were just friends.

Could Taylor Swift have a new boyfriend Tim Tebow? The pair were seen enjoying a meal together in a Century City Italian restaurant called Toscanova on Feb.29. Sparking rumours that they may be more than just friends.

Zak Efron dropped a condom on the orange carpet at the premiere of the Dr. Seuss movie Lorax. He tried to pick it up slickly. Later in an interview with Today Show host Matt Lauer told him, “It gives you credit. Better to be safe than sorry.”

Britney Spears and fiance Jason Trawick are postponing their wedding because of a trial with former manager Sam Loofty. Because she is under a conservatorship, she has been spared of testifying in the case against her. However, if she gets married the court will be free to consider her fit to testify. So her lawyer has advised her to re-schedule the nuptials until after the trial.

Nicollette Sheridan arrived to a Los Angeles court on March 2  to take the stand in her wrongful dismissal lawsuit against Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry. In a packed courtroom, the 48-year-old actress, reminisced on the day she alleges Cherry struck her across the head and then fired her for standing up to him, has been called as the first witness as the trial gets underway following opening statements and jury selection.Sheridan took to the stand in the courtroom and testified for the first time in the case.The actress broke down in court.


S. Empatha Merkerson not Fired From “Law & Order”

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