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Hollywood…in a Mouthful!

Justin Beiber may be Charged With Felony Vandalism

“No one listens at that age,” actor Mark Wahlberg recently said about teen heartthrob Justin Beiber. And the Beib has proven him right, once again. 

Justin’s neighbor (the same neighbor that claims the youngster once spit in his face) called Calabasas police on Saturday night, Jan 9, and complained that the popstar was yelling at him and throwing eggs at his house! …And for no reason, the man says, he stepped out to his balcony around 7:30 p.m. because he heard strange noises. That’s when he witnessed Bieber hurling eggs at his home. (Sounds like a piece of this story is missing.

The neighbor says he asked Justin what the hell was going on, when a sum of 20 eggs were tossed in his direction, called the Sheriff’s Department and cops took down an incident report. 

…Oh Yeah…And the neighbor videotaped the whole thing. Which has peeked the attention of the L.A.County Sheriff’s Department, who would like to see Justin charged with a felony.

According to TMZ,

And there’s urgency to the investigation … we’re told the detectives told the homeowner they need repair estimates by Monday.

Our sources say detectives are confident the estimates will raise the stakes to a felony.  In California, if the damage is greater than $400 it becomes FELONY vandalism.  We’re told the homeowner’s damage could be in the 10s of thousands of dollars because the very expensive Venetian plaster on the outside of the house has to be redone, and very expensive doors and other items were either damaged or ruined.

As for why the Sheriff’s detectives want to hold Bieber accountable … they feel he’s made a mockery of the legal system by breaking the law numerous times … the problem has been there was never enough evidence to prosecute him.  But there is now.

The D.A. should get the case next week.

Flava Flav Gets Pulled Over on the way to Mom’s Funeral… What For?

Flava Flag has had 16 license suspensions! He was recently on his pulled over for speeding (on the way to his mom’s  funeral) and police discovered that Flav had 16 tickets for license suspensions, which counts as individual suspensions. The police allegedly let the rapper go in order to make the memorial service.

 BTW… Our condolences go out to Flav for his mom’s passing.

Is Gabrielle Union Hiding a Pregnancy?

Some media, are saying that the reason Gabrielle Union is ok with fiancée Dwyane Wades baby is because…she’s pregnant with their own!

She was pictured recently with what some are calling a baby bump, but we saw no such thing when she appeared on The Chew Jan 9.

Watch This Clip Of Gabby on the Chew!!

A Day in the Life of Nick Cannon

World Star Hip Hop

Lee and Allen are Ready for the He Got Game Sequel

Could it be? Are Spike Lee and veteran NBA player Ray Allen negotiating a sequel to the 1998 film He Got Game?

Allen recently informed ESPN that if he and Lee found the right script, they would seriously consider it.

In December, Lee posted a pick of Allen’s Miami Heat specialty jersey with his characters name Jesus Shuttlesworth on the back.

Allen will wear the jersey on Jan 10 when the Hear play against the Brooklyn Nets.’

Rick Ross, Diddy and Jay-Z Meet up in Miami for Magna Carter Tour


ODB’s Family Threatens to Sue if “Dirty” Documentary Aired? PLUS Watch the “Dirty” Q&A Session with Wu Tang

Although the NUHO Film Festival was not able to air Dirty: Platinum Edition, the documentary about beloved Wu Tang founder “Ol Dirty Bastard, the Q&A session did continue. At the last minute, ODB’s estate threatened to sue NUHO if the aired the movie which included testimonials and interviews with all the Wu Tang members. Wu Tang actually had a deal with NUHO to air the doc, but it looks like Dirty’s family had an issue with it.

Click the link to view the Q&A session.


HUNK ALERT! Jamie Dornan


Either you’ve seen Jamie Dornan and know who he is or you don’t know him, but did a double take and said “Damn!” when you saw his pic.

He  may be the hottest thing in Hollywood since David Beckham. (I’m just saying)

The former Calvin Klein model is taking on the role of kinky billionaire Christian Grey in the film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey, based on the novel by E.L. James.

Dornan was reportedly the first choice after Charlie Hunnam backed out of the project on Oct. 14.

Dornan will join the cast as the kinky billionaire alongside Dakota Johnson, who has been cast as Anastasia Steele. Production is scheduled to begin Nov. 1. Lucky gal.






A-List Celebs Attend “The Dark Knight Rises” Premiere

The cast of the latest Batman film The Dark Knight Rises attended the red carpet premiere in New York City. Among the stars were Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, Marion Cotillard, Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman and many more.

Catwoman actress Anne Hathaway stole the red carpet in a plunging all white gown by Prabal Gurung.

Christian Bale and Gary Oldman

The highly-anticipated final installment opens in theaters Friday.

(photos taken from Google)


Andre 3000 Currently Filming Jimi Hendrix Movie CHECK THE PICS!

If you’ve been wondering where Andre 3000 has been hiding, he’s currently shooting for All is By My Side, a biopic on the late great Jimi Hendrix, whom 3000 is starring as.

Unfortunately, the Hendrix estate is not cooperating with the film, so none of Hendrix’s music is allowed, but this just might make for an even more  intriguing plot; Not to mention Andre’s uncanny resemblance to the fallen rock star. 

The film chronicles the years of 1966-1967 during the recording of the guitar virtuoso’s debut album Are You ExperiencedProduced by John Ridley, filming started this weekend in Dublin.

(photo from Vibe)












Andre 3000 Benjamin has been trying to get the movie made for the past eight years,  yet faced many troubles about the licensing of the music as well as financing.

Jimi Hendrix at the age of 27 after a night of binge drinking. However, since he died in 1970, his death is not expected to be a part of the film.


Ke$ha filming music vdeo with 3OH!3

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