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Hollywood… in a Mouthful!!

 Stacy Keibler Wants to be Friends With George Clooney

Amanda Bynes Doing Wonderful and Home for Xmas

amanda bynes

Amanda Bynes has hopes of going back to college after her six month stint in a Malibu psychiatric facility. She is now at  home with her parents for the holidays.

The 27-year-old actress was spotted leaving her family’s house in Los Angeles early Thursday morning alongside her mother Lynn.

We’re happy to see Bynes looking healthy and even back to her original dark hair color! 

She will now start her outpatient therapy. Her mother still has a conservatorship over Bynes’ estate. 

However, in time, she will have to face her criminal charges. 

Late last month, the judge reviewed Bynes’ court-ordered medical evaluation and determined that the actress was capable of understanding the DUI charges she faced (stemming from an April 2012 incident in which she allegedly side-swiped a police cruiser).

She will next appear in court on Jan 7, 2014, when both parties will need to reevaluate her condition.

Beyonce Sings in Memory of Paul Walker in L.A. 

Beyonce paid tribute to the late actor Paul Walker during her Los Angeles stop of the Mrs. Carter Tour.

The  singer sang a beautiful mix of Whitney Houston’s  I Will Always Love You and her own hit single Halo in memory of the Fast & Furious star, who died Saturday (Nov. 30) in a car crash in Santa Clarita.

Katy Perry and John Mayer’s Sexy Photo Shoot

katy and john

Couple Katy Perry and John Mayer just did a super cute photo shoot with to promote their new single Who You Love. 

The singers debuted the intimate art for their duet on Mayer’s Tumblr account Monday.

The single will appear on Mayer’s sixth studio album Paradise Valley

katy and john1


Bynes’ Parents Granted Temporary Conservatorship

Lynn Bynes has been granted a temporary conservatorship over daughter Amanda Bynes’ estate.

A Ventura County Judge ruled Richard and Lynn Bynes will have limited control over their daughters affairs, including her medical health.

Sadly, Bynes’ stay in a psychiatric facility has been increased once again to now 30 days, meaning that she is ” gravely disabled as a result of mental disorder.”

Currently, a mental health court has control over the former child stars treatment, but if she is later released, her mother will decide on further treatment.


Andre 3000 Currently Filming Jimi Hendrix Movie CHECK THE PICS!

If you’ve been wondering where Andre 3000 has been hiding, he’s currently shooting for All is By My Side, a biopic on the late great Jimi Hendrix, whom 3000 is starring as.

Unfortunately, the Hendrix estate is not cooperating with the film, so none of Hendrix’s music is allowed, but this just might make for an even more  intriguing plot; Not to mention Andre’s uncanny resemblance to the fallen rock star. 

The film chronicles the years of 1966-1967 during the recording of the guitar virtuoso’s debut album Are You ExperiencedProduced by John Ridley, filming started this weekend in Dublin.

(photo from Vibe)












Andre 3000 Benjamin has been trying to get the movie made for the past eight years,  yet faced many troubles about the licensing of the music as well as financing.

Jimi Hendrix at the age of 27 after a night of binge drinking. However, since he died in 1970, his death is not expected to be a part of the film.


Bobbi Kristina Gets Whitney’s Estate

Amid the media’s initial negative predictions that Bobbi Kristina may not have gained her late mother Whitney Houston‘s estate, she has indeed been named the sole recipient of according to a 19 page will that Whitney left.

Bobbi will receive all of her mother’s assets, including an unspecified amount of money, jewelry, clothing, furniture and other personal items Whitney left behind.

The money will be placed in a trust fund for the 19 year old. She will receive portions of the money every five years until she turns 30.

Mother Cissy Houston and cousin Dionne Warwick

Whitney’s mother Cissy Houston has been named the executor, while her brother and sister-in-law Gary and Patricia Houston have been named trustees.

Ex-husband Bobby Brown was mentioned in the will, but will receive nothing.


Katherine Jackson Speaks on Michael’s Greedy Lawyers

In a recent interview from the Michael Jackson Secret Vault, mother Katherine (bless her heart) says that she is extremely puzzled and troubled about the executors of Michael’s estate suing her business partner Howard Mann.



update: joe jackson and debbie rowe not included in jackson’s will, but diana ross is

Michael Jackson’s will was presented in court today, giving his entire estate to a family trust and leaving his ex-wife Debbie Rowe out completely.

The will, dated July 7, 2002, estimated his estate at that time at more than $500 million.

It names his mother Katherine Jackson as the beneficiary of the trust and guardian of his three children, who are also named in the will.

I also names Diana Ross as a successor guardian to the children, if something should happen to Mother Jackson.



update: the war for michael’s estate begins

The Jackson family lawyer announced today (TUESDAY) that a will has surfaced and will be presented in court soon. This comes a day after  the pop icon’s  mother  petitioned the Superior Court of CALIFORNIA to be named the administrator of the late singer’s estate.

“My clients are now aware after filings that a will has been presented ,” said L. Londell McMillan. “His various advisers are looking for additional documents.”

Yet, no specifics on the will or details have been disclosed. The very existence of a will and the appointment of an executor now complicates Mother Jackson’s request.

“If there is a will and if the will is a valid will, the whole petition to be named administrator will just fall way,” Novogrod said.

KATHERINE JACKSON said in the filing she was acting to ensure MICHAEL JACKSON’s three children are the beneficiaries. It’s the beginning of a complicated battle for a fortune that includes a lucrative music catalog of the KING OF POP’s own hits, the rights to songs by THE BEATLES, and the Neverland ranch that could one day be a tourist attraction. There’s even an elaborate video production, dubbed the “Dome Project,” that was overseen by JACKSON and finished two weeks before he died.

All this absolutely means a elongated, brutal estate war much like Michael’s mentor and inspiration, the late James Brown.

The Jackson’s could challenge the will on the grounds that their son was incompetent, did not understand it when it was created or that he was unduly influenced.

“There’s no doubt that there’s going to be a big battle,” said ALEXIS MARTIN NEELY, a LOS ANGELES-based estate attorney. “It’s going to be very messy and I don’t see anything comparing to this.”

To make matters worse, few people know all the details of the reclusive entertainer’s financial affairs. His mother’s filing, for example, declares that JACKSON died “intestate,” or without a will. But that is currently in dispute.

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