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Justin Beiber and Entourage Detained in Australia for Marijuana Possession

In Australia, A 23 year old person in Justin Beiber’s entourage was caught by authorities with marijuana residue in a smoking device. The man was charged with smuggling marijuana. 

Beiber goes crazy on the authorities, curses them out and was detained, as a result. 


Chris Brown Strikes Back and Sues two Trouble Makers


Chris Brown is now suing Deanna Gines, the young lady that claims he pushed her down to the ground at the Heat Ultra Lounge in LA and supposedly tore a ligament in her left leg. He’s suing for defamation.

Chris says he never even touched the woman, who by the way, has been caught (on video) limping on the wrong leg.

He’s also counter suing Frank Oceans friend Sha’keir  Duarte, who claims he was assaulted by Chris’ entourage on the day he got into an argument with Frank Ocean at a recording studio.

I guess Chris is lining his ducks in order to get rid of all these assault allegations. Smart move, and hopefully he’ll learn to lay low and remove himself from wired situations.


Rihanna Laughs While Chris Brown and Drake Tear the Club Up

Why Drake is cool with the Meek Mill possibly banging his girley Rihanna, is beyond me.

However, Drake and Meek were partying together when the large scuffle between Drake’s entourage and Chris Brown’s team broke out Thursday night in NYC.

When Chris sent Drake a bottle of champagne, the rapper rejected it, which turned into a brawl. Four bottles were thrown at (from Drake’s crew) at Chris Brown. Chris got a huge gash in his chin,  girlfriend Karreuche Tran suffered a concussion, and  guest Tony Parker, a bodyguard and several others were hurt as well.

Rumors are that the bottle that hit Chris Breezy included a note that read, “I’m f***ing the love of your life deal with it!”

Of course, Drake says he was not involved in the altercation, which really means after he ordered the altercation, he got the hell out.


Lil Wayne’s Tour Bus Pulled Over; Young Money Members Detained

Lil Wayne and an entourage have just been pulled over while travelling through Texas on their way to a performance in Laredo.  The rapper and members of YOung Money have been detained by authorities after U.S. Border Patrol agents found marijuana on the  two tour buses. They have yet to be released, however it looks like some some members of Wayne’s crew will receive citations.  But Wayne will not, according to an inside source.

The stop was reportedly routine, but after a Border Patrol K-9 smelled the drug odor, authorities searched the rapper’s two  buses. Both vehicles were found to be carrying marijuana onboard, according to a spokesman.

Lil Wayne and Young Money were scheduled to perform at  7:30 p.m. The concert has been postponed as a result of the no-show by the rapper, but may be rescheduled for Saturday (December 20), according to sources.

Wayne is already in trouble with authorities. He’s due in a New York court on February 9, where he’s expected to be sentenced to a year in prison for attempted gun possession stemming from a 2007 arrest in Manhattan. The rapper also has charges in Arizona for possession of a controlled substance.

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