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Chris Brown Doing Well; Justin Beiber on the Other Hand…


UPDATE: 10:30 AM

Most recently, Chris was given a 1 day pass to meet with his lawyers. But that night, he went…to the club! Only there for a reported 10 min, he spoke to friend Trey Songz and posed with fans. Good job Chris! But maybe you should stay away from the public appearances for just a while longer.

10 AM

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We’re so glad to hear and see that Chris Brown is doing so much better in rehab. Feb 3, he was photographed arriving to court (with girlfriend Karrueche Tran by his side) for a probation hearing after Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Mary Murray filed a motion to put Chris in jail after an alleged fight in D.C. last year. D.A. Murray also brought up his violent outburst with his mom where he throw a rock through the back window of the vehicle she was in, which got him kicked out of a prior rehab facility. Murray went on to say he was “a violent danger to society.”  

However, Judge Brandlin denied the motion, citing Brown’s good behavior and progress he’s made. His most excellent attorney Mark Geragos also argued that he should stay in treatment and the court should wait to see how the D.C. case is resolved before pressing charges.

“I say keep things on a short leash. Keep him where he is now. He is making great strides and all you have to do is look at him, and I’ve known him for five years. He’s as good as he’s ever been,” replied Geragos.

Chris is due back in court for a D.C. hearing on February 20th.

Until then, he remains in rehab where he has completed 101 community service hours of his required 1,000 and he has passed four periodic drug tests so far.

Keep it up, Chris!

Justin Beiber Smoked out an Airplane and Abused a Flight Attendant

Beiber posed for pictures  with the Atlanta Knights junior teams, after leaving Jersey.

Beiber posed for pictures with the Atlanta Knights junior teams, after leaving Jersey.

As you may know by now, Justin Beiber has been added to the Homeland Security Watchlist and we’ll basically be heavily scrutinized and questioned every time he enters the US customs, which is his home. When Justin flew into a New Jersey airport from Canada last Friday … U.S. Customs searched his plane and grilled him for hours before letting him enter.

And what has Beiber done since this incident? Only proven to authorities that they have absolut good reason for their actions.

He already admitted to police that he had been smoking marijuana and drinking upon entering New Jersey’s Teterboro Airport. But now it has been revealed that Justin, 19, and his partner in crime, his dad, 38, were allegedly” extremely abusive” to a flight attendant and their plane was so full of marijuana smoke, the pilots had to wear oxygen masks!

That’s why when the plane landed, they were met by DEA and Customs and Border Protection and police.

Yahoo Celebrity reports:

The following night, Justin hit the 11th Annual Leather & Laces bash, partying until 5 a.m. on Sunday. However, sources also told Yahoo the singer did not appear to be drinking.

Bieber was heading to Super Bowl from Toronto, where he was arrested and charged with assault last week stemming from a December incident in which he allegedly attacked a limousine driver.

This all comes nearly two weeks after Justin was arrested for DUI in Miami.

Bieber’s February is off to a great start.


Madonna Allows her Children to Drink Alcohol?


Why Madonna? Aren’t you tired of the scrutiny of the public? Haven’t you had enough? Obviously not.

Over the holiday, (New Years to be exact,) the queen of pop posted a bunch of pics of her and her children enjoying their Switzerland vacation. Pics of Lourdes, David, and Mercy skiing, playing in the snow… and drinking!!!

Madge actually posted a pic of her 13 year old son Rocco holding a Bombay Sapphire Gin bottle! Not sure who the other two YOUNG guys are but they don’t look too much older than Rocco. The caption in her photo read,

“<em>The party has just begun! Bring it! 2014</em>.”

And Madonna’s fans took no hesitation to leave heated comments to the pic, which forced her to reply,

<blockquote> “<em>No one was drinking we were just having fun! Calm down and get a sense of humor! Don’t start the year off with judgement!</em>”</blockquote>

The legal drinking age is 16 in Switzerland, but that still doesn’t make Rocco old enough. All we can do is hope that Madge is not trying to be a “cool mom”  and allowing her kids to drink alcohol.

We guess it’s possible that Rocco was just being a stupid kid and picked up the bottle to be cool. But still, why would Madonna post it like it’s all good.

Either way, we bet CPS wont be knocking on <em>her</em> door.



Instagram Goodies!!

Tyrese Shuts Down Rumors of TGT Breakup

@tyrese @ginuwineforever1015 @therealtank

Snoop Dogg Bundles up in Moscow

Think it’s cold where you are?


Khloe K Looks Amazing


Kardash Cam!!

Kim and Kanye Getting Married in the House of Versailles?

Rumors are swirling that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have picked the  historic Palace of Versailles as the location for their wedding. 

The Palace of Versailles is a French chateau built by King Louis XIV during the French Revolution. 

Kanye is really the one who wants the big wedding and the budget is no issue , a source revealed to Us Weekly.

But despite reports, a rep for Kim K told the Daily News the reports are  “false.”

Kim and Kanye pose while on the road for 'Yeezus' tour.

Kim and Kanye pose while on the road for ‘Yeezus’ tour. (Kim Kardashian Instagram)

“They have not selected a location, a date or a wedding planner.”

Kanye has Beef With the Andy Warhol Family Over Painting

Kanye has an issue with a Warhol-like painting of Kim Kardashian, that someone from his camp ordered for a Christmas gift. The painting was created by Monica Warhol, who says she never spoke directly with Kanye, but talked to someone from his camp about the picture. She said she did receive credentials from the person, proving they worked for Kanye. Although she worked on sketches, she has not been able to reach the person. The sketch images have been leaked, but Warhol says theyare not for sale…and there won’t be a painting unless she hears from Kanye.

Warhol believes that Kanye may not know who commissioned the painting and that may be the reason why he’s not responding to Warhol. Apparently, the person (who’s name she will not release,) wanted the painting (maybe to give to Kanye or Kim) as a Christmas gift. 

Kanye told TMZ that he did not order the painting.


Hollywood…in a Mouthful!!

Is Lamar’s dad in Denial About Son’s Drug Use?

Lamars dad says that his son does not have a drug problem. But many say that the former heroine addict is in denial just like his son. Joe Odom once said that the Kardashians are a bad influence on his sons life and career, But apologized to the klan in a conversation with TMZ. Lamar and his dad have no relationship and the NBA player has even commented in the past that the only thing he inherited from his dad was his addictive behavior. According to  Father Odom , he has been trying to contact  Lamar, but with no success.

TMZ still believes that Lamar has an addiction problem. Especially since, he’s been venting on Twitter.

Kanye a Ghost at LAX

Kanye Wests lawyers have advised him to stay away from LAX no matter what. In fact, he has been chartering private jets to get to and away from LAX airport. It’s weird though. Yeezy doesn’t seem to have a problem with paparazzi in Paris (where he often travels to.) And the photographers are known to be way more aggressive there. But it’s not like Kanye is a fighter. He don’t really want it with any photographer. He just has a bad temper. I think he realized he had bitten off more than he could chew when he couldn’t quite get the camera away from the TMZ photographer that he attacked and subsequently now has felony assault charges to worry about.

Nick Carter’s Distasteful new Book

Nick Carter’s got a new booK coming out about his life and drug addictions. The BackStreet Boy seems to blame Paris Hilton for his excessive partying and drugs. Many media believe that Carter is using His ex-girlfriends fame and success to promote his book.TMZ, a known advocate for Paris Hilton, seems especially upset that Carter took no action in contacting Paris to inform her that she would be in the book.

“Facing the Music and Living to Talk About It ” hits stores selves Sept 24.



Waka Flaka Says he and Gucci Were Never Friends;Denies he and Gucci Banged Nicki Minaj

The Breakfast Club recently had an explosive interview with Waka Flocka… Well it was explosive for Gucci Mane, because Waka exposes Gucci for who ( Waka says) he really is.

Waka says he and Gucci were never really friends. He just repped for him because his mother was Gucci’s manager. He says Gucci ain’t no gangsta, but needs mental help for real.

…and the threesome with Nicki never happened.

Check it…



Mandela’s Condition: Out of Critical, Moves to Stable; Family Says “Only God Knows…the Time”

The Mandela family gathers.

The Mandela family gathers.

After, unconfirmed reports about Nelson Mandela’s health  have ignited on social media, the South African government has now denied former president Nelson Mandela was in a permanent vegetative state, as outlined in court documents filed last month.

The document, published on Thursday, also suggested that 94-year-old Mr
Mandela’s relatives had been advised by doctors to switch off his life-support

Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, former wife of Mandela, told CNN in an exclusive interview that it was painful to see him in such critical situation.

But Mandela’s condition seems to have improved, President Jacob Zuma said Thursday.

Before then, however, his health had deteriorated since he was admitted to Mediclinic Heart Hospital with a serious lung infection almost three weeks ago.

Zuma urged people to pray for Mandela, and continue with their work and daily  activities even while he is hospitalized.

“I reiterate that Tata is very critical, that anything is imminent,” Makaziwe Mandela told state-run South African Broadcasting Corp. “But I want to emphasize again that it’s only God who knows when the time to go is. And so we will wait.”

When asked if her father was coherent at all, she added,

“He’s … still reactive to touch. We will live with that hope until the final end comes.”

“We don’t mind the interest. But I just think it has gone overboard,” she said when asked about the media’s intrusiveness during her father’s hospitalization.

The president’s office said it was disturbed by what it called rumours about Mr  Mandela’s health and appealed for respect for the privacy and dignity of the  former leader.

Well-wishers’ messages, bouquets and stuffed animals have piled up outside Mr Mandela’s Johannesburg home and the wall of the hospital compound where he is being treated in the capital.


Assault Charges Against Chris Brown?

A young woman from San Diego, by the name of Deanna Giles filed a police report last weekend, stating that Chris Brown shoved her to the ground, resulting in torn ligaments in her knee.

Chris denies the allegation and has the support of the club owner that no such thing occurred inside the Heat Ultra Lounge.


Chris has been charged with a hit and run and driving without a valid license in the San Fernando Valley.

If convicted, he could spend a year in jail. His arraignment is July 15 in Van Nuys, but his lawyer can appear on his behalf.


Yeezy’s Mistress? What’s her Motive

So I guess there’s a new home wrecker in town anxious to make a buck.

Her name is Leyla Ghobadi. The Canadian model (I guess) is proud to have (allegedly) slept with Kanye West while he’s been committed to Kim Kardashian.

Before deleting her Twitter account ,

A rep for West, of course, denies that Kanye cheated, and called Ghobadi ” a misguided individual who is
clearly seeking publicity.”

The New York Daily News reports that Star Magazine paid the model $20,000 for the story, but never gave her a lie detector test and supposed text messages between the two were never verified. The only physical evidence of the two ever meeting is a fan photograph with Kanye backstage at a show.

So if Leyla Ghobadi’s mission was to get a fast check, mission accomplished. If not, this may not be the last that we hear from her.


Bynes Already Denying Drug Use


After being released from the Midtown jail on Friday morning, Amanda Bynes tweeted and insisted that she does not do drugs.

I only smoke tobacco I dont drink or do drugs. I’ve never had a bong in my life! I need to get another nose job after seeing my mugshot! :D”,

she tweeted.

In court on Friday, she told the judge that it was a vase and not a bong she flung out the window.

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