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Young Jeezy Celebrates Roc Nation Deal With “It’s the World Pt. 2” Mixtape

As promised, Young Jeezy has given fans an early treat. It’s the World Pt. 2 has been released to celebrate there’s no more Def Jam, baby!

In case you haven’t heard the great news, Young Jeezy has joined the Roc Nation family.

Jeezy made the announcement via Twitter several weeks ago, with a pic and a caption reading,

Both Jeezy and his CTE imprint have entered the management partnership with the mega label.

It’s no secret that the rapper has been displeased with his representation at Def Jam, like many of the label’s other artists in the past. He even implied that his fans may receive an “early Xmas present” if things didn’t change at the label soon. 

And his now former labelmate Juelz Santana agrees with Jeezy’s Def Jam frustration and says he also has issues with the label. He even re-tweeted,

Juelz also posted,

“???????? SMH #SadButTrue it’s like being In Bed Wit A Bad Bi$$h But Can F*k her ????????#!! GodWillN2 #OnTheWay ?????????,” Juelz wrote November 19. (Juelz Santana’s Instagram)


JAY Z and Jeezy have a Welcome To Roc Nation  Toast.

JAY Z and Jeezy have a Welcome To Roc Nation Toast.


Wendy Williams Talks Drake’s new Girlfriend, Adam Levine’s Girl Problems, Pebbles Makes L.A. Drop T-Boz and Chili and More!!

Check out this juicy clip from Fridays episode of Wendy.


Lil Wayne Looses Mountain Dew Deal due to Emmett Till Lyric

Once again another rapper has lost an endorsement due to his irresponsible and inconsiderate lyrics.

Lil Wayne has been dropped by Mountain Dew/PepsiCo over what the company calls an “offensive reference to a revered civil rights icon” — 14-year-old Emmett Till, who was killed nearly 60 years ago.

The rap superstar, featured in the song “Karate Chop” by Future, says: “Beat that p—- up like Emmett Till.”

A Mountain Dew spokesman told CNN, “We do not plan any additional work with Lil Wayne moving forward. His offensive reference to a revered civil rights icon does not reflect the values of our brand.”

The Till family was not available for comment, however did recently mention that they didn’t take a statement issues by Wayne as an apology.


Kardashians Sign $40 Million Deal? Where’s Kanye’s Piece of the Pie?

Mama Kardashian and the family brand do not play! When it comes to negogiations and endorsements, Kris Jenner is a top money maker and deal breaker. Now the Hollywood mom has solidified the biggest deal in reality TV history.

The Kardashian family will receive $40 million for three more seasons with E!. This includes the show Keeping up With the Kardashians, as well as other “K klan” programming.

Sisters Kim, Kourtney and Khloe, as well as parents Kris and Bruce Jenner, will all earn equal pay.  Siblings Kendall, Kylie and Rob will also be paid equally, though at a lesser rate. Scott Disick and Lamar Odom will also be paid seperate rates. And even little Mason will get his own check!

That leads us to wonder if Kanye will be a regular fixture on the upcoming seasons and what he will be paid for his episodes?

The deal is only for the existing shows, which means if Kim and Kanye get a spinoff, E! will have to offer them a whole new deal. (That show would be super huge, bringing on a whole new segment of viewers who are Yeezy fans.) CHA CHING!


Styles P: Urban Griot

styles p press shot

For years now Styles P (aka The Ghost) has blessed rhyme lovers with his vivid flows and verses. In his latest mixtape the “Ghost Dub Dime,” his street-wise lyrics continue his saga of taking listeners on a gritty journey through the life of a man who is only human.

His last album “A Gangsta and a Gentleman” ( released in 2002,)  made it to the #2 slot on Hip Hop charts and included the club and radio banger turned classic anthem “Good Times (I Get High.”) And now his latest mixtape accomplishment delivers razor sharp lyrics via grimy emotions of swag, dirty deals and street survival, while the Queens/Yonkers native delivers gangsta, yet refreshing hood tales on “Ghost Dub Dime.”

“I am staying in tune with the streets and providing bars that most rappers won’t,” enforces Styles P, one-third of the chart-topping and cult following rap group The LOX.

Styles Peniro (born David Styles) has always thought of himself to be “the hardest MC in the game.” And now he enforces the statement more than ever as he welcomes us into his new world of hood tales and adds the title of “Author” to his hustle palette. With a fresh book deal under Random House and help from author Nikki Turner,  his first novel “Invincible” is now on stores shelves and is only the first of many fiction street tales to come from the urban griot.

“It’s another hustle for me,” he recently told MTv. 

In addition, the soundtrack to “Invincible” is just as explosive as its accompanying novel. With appearances from fellow LOX members Sheek Louch, Jadakiss , newcomer Tyler Woods,  and other LOX fam, gutter jewels of the soundtrack include the first single “That Street Life” (which illustrates Styles’ signature street vigor,) the explosive “One Way or Another” (with a classic 8 bars from 2 Pac’s “Holla if ya Hear me” as the hook,) “Got A Problem” ft. Tre Williams (with a head nodding string rhythm,) and the sincere “I in Win,” where Styles and fam Snype Life, A.P. and Do-Dirt vow to stay true to the code of the streets: loyalty first.

StylesP_dirtycover_ April 2010 (2)

There are so many classic verses and mixtapes under your belt. Has your message and delivery changed since your last mixtape Phantom Empire?

I always switch it up. My style paints a picture. It just depends on the day and what my mood is; and what’s going on.

The first single That Street Life, seems like it may be very personal to you? Is that accurate?

Yeah.   I’m just talking about the real things, some personal issues, and the industry. It’s about my swag and being fly. It’s all from a street point of view.

Ok, so let’s talk about your first novel entitled Invincible. Now, you’re claiming a whole new venture. You’re a fiction writer now!

Yeah, Invincible is the first book in the series. It’s available in Barnes & Noble stores. I wrote the book with a little help. It’s all me. 

It takes an enormous amount of discipline and dedication to write a book. Wouldn’t you agree?

Yeah, but I always wanted to be a writer (of books.) …I’m a creative person… Being a rapper takes a lot of time and it’s difficult at times, especially along with being a father and other [responsibilities.] But, I set my mind to it.  If you wanna get around to everything that you want to accomplish in life, you just gotta get busy. I’m fortunate that it’s happening (my deal with Random House.)

So, what is the novel Invincible about? Coming from you, I know the storyline has got to be ill.

Well, I’ll just say this.  It’s about a good, solid dude trying to live the right life. He gets robbed and ends up in prison and while there, he gets a mystery letter from someone who wants to kill him. I can’t tell you much without giving it away.

How is the art of storytelling with rhymes different from telling a story through novel/book form? Is it harder than expressing an idea in 16 bars?

It’s much more difficult to write a novel. Because, when you’re rhyming, it’s in your head. I definitely respect authors (of books) more, now that I’ve done it.

Well, if the novel is as explosive as the soundtrack, readers are in for the dope sh*t. (laughs)

Yeah, it’s crazy. Got Sheek Louch, (Jada) Kiss, Tyler Woods. It’s 14 tracks and it reads like a book.

Wow, I can’t wait. And we also can’t wait to hear what’s next from you. Will there be another solo album from Styles P?

Yeah, but that will come later. . .I’m proud to be operating as an independent where I have total control of my project…We’re working on the LOX joint now, the new album.

You mean the most anticipated hip hop album of the year? (laughs)

Yeah, and we [Sheek and Jada] all feel real good about that.

Invincible: The Book and full-length soundtrack by Styles P are available exclusively at and  Ghost Dub Dime the mixtape is available at



“Invincible” the soundtrack is wrapped in “smokable” packaging. 

Styles P appears on Rick Ross’ upcoming album “Teflon Don” and the single “B.M.F.”

Styles P is on tour through July and will appear on JadaKiss’ upcoming solo album “The Last Kiss.”


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