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Kim and Kanye Getting Married in the House of Versailles?

Rumors are swirling that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have picked the  historic Palace of Versailles as the location for their wedding. 

The Palace of Versailles is a French chateau built by King Louis XIV during the French Revolution. 

Kanye is really the one who wants the big wedding and the budget is no issue , a source revealed to Us Weekly.

But despite reports, a rep for Kim K told the Daily News the reports are  “false.”

Kim and Kanye pose while on the road for 'Yeezus' tour.

Kim and Kanye pose while on the road for ‘Yeezus’ tour. (Kim Kardashian Instagram)

“They have not selected a location, a date or a wedding planner.”

Kanye has Beef With the Andy Warhol Family Over Painting

Kanye has an issue with a Warhol-like painting of Kim Kardashian, that someone from his camp ordered for a Christmas gift. The painting was created by Monica Warhol, who says she never spoke directly with Kanye, but talked to someone from his camp about the picture. She said she did receive credentials from the person, proving they worked for Kanye. Although she worked on sketches, she has not been able to reach the person. The sketch images have been leaked, but Warhol says theyare not for sale…and there won’t be a painting unless she hears from Kanye.

Warhol believes that Kanye may not know who commissioned the painting and that may be the reason why he’s not responding to Warhol. Apparently, the person (who’s name she will not release,) wanted the painting (maybe to give to Kanye or Kim) as a Christmas gift. 

Kanye told TMZ that he did not order the painting.


jay-z comments on new album and auto tune craze


Jay-Z recently called in to Philadelphia’s Power 99 and spoke on his new album Blueprint 3 and Death of Auto Tune.

After calling the excessive use of Auto-tune a “gimmick,” Hova used the example of a fast food restaurant commercial to prove his point. “There was a Wendy’s commercial where they were playing around and some singers were singing in Auto-Tune. That’s the day you know you gotta get rid of it…Like Wendy’s? Come on man.”

Continuing, he stated, “You need to have some type of talent for making music. If it’s just a gimmick then you’re doing music a disservice. I love music. This is the thing that saved me, so I feel like I have to protect it.”

He also reasoned why he has remained relevant for longer than a decade saying, “I don’t chase new generations or things like that. What is consistent in my music is truth. It’s emotion and a truth in my music, and that’s why I’ve been able to have 11 albums.” Adding Jay, “People should follow a point of view and not an age. A point a view is ageless and timeless.”                             

When you dialed into an age group, that’s when you’re only around for two years.”

Jay-Z also commented on why he decided to release his upcoming Blueprint 3 on the controversial date of September 11.

“[The Blueprint] came out the same day as the tragedy, so I wanted to bring it full circle. I want to do some charity concerts and give all the benefits to the families and the fire department.”

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