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(VIDEO) Kate Gosselin’s Teenage Kids Totally Embarass her on The Today Show (MUST WATCH)

We couldn’t put it better. The link from Neo Newz put it best, “Kate Gosselin’s Children Are ‘Emotionally Intimidated’ On ‘Today.”  Even if you were never a Jon and Kate Gosselin (Kate Plus 8) fan, check out this completely ackward clip of Kate on The Today Show with her twin girls. This is especially weird after Wendy Williams Show watchers fell in love with her ex-husband Jon the day before.


Madonna Allows her Children to Drink Alcohol?


Why Madonna? Aren’t you tired of the scrutiny of the public? Haven’t you had enough? Obviously not.

Over the holiday, (New Years to be exact,) the queen of pop posted a bunch of pics of her and her children enjoying their Switzerland vacation. Pics of Lourdes, David, and Mercy skiing, playing in the snow… and drinking!!!

Madge actually posted a pic of her 13 year old son Rocco holding a Bombay Sapphire Gin bottle! Not sure who the other two YOUNG guys are but they don’t look too much older than Rocco. The caption in her photo read,

“<em>The party has just begun! Bring it! 2014</em>.”

And Madonna’s fans took no hesitation to leave heated comments to the pic, which forced her to reply,

<blockquote> “<em>No one was drinking we were just having fun! Calm down and get a sense of humor! Don’t start the year off with judgement!</em>”</blockquote>

The legal drinking age is 16 in Switzerland, but that still doesn’t make Rocco old enough. All we can do is hope that Madge is not trying to be a “cool mom”  and allowing her kids to drink alcohol.

We guess it’s possible that Rocco was just being a stupid kid and picked up the bottle to be cool. But still, why would Madonna post it like it’s all good.

Either way, we bet CPS wont be knocking on <em>her</em> door.



Hollywood…in a Mouthful!!

Three 6 Mafia Member Dies Overnight

Three 6 Mafia member, Lord Infamous was found dead last night (Dec. 20, 2013) at his mother’s home in Memphis Tennessee, said the group’s publicist, Dove Clark.

Infamous was a founding member of the Grammy Award winning group.

The cause of his death is unknown at this time.

Miley Cyrus Talks Hollywood, Liam and Says I’m not a Slut

Miley opened up about all the topics everyone wants to know about. She said she realized that she was too young to be engaged (to Liam Hemsworth.) But she did like rocking a fat ring. We really liked Miley’s choice of wardrobe.

BOO-HOO! Demi Lovato is Leaving X-Factor!

Kelly, Demi and Paulina pose at the season finale.

Kelly, Demi and Paulina pose yesterday at the taping of the season finale. BTW, doesnt Kelly look gorgeous?

Tonight, the season finale of X Factor, is Demi’s last time in the voting seat. The singer is leaving to pursue her singing career and touring. We’re sooo sad about Demi leaving. We thing she’s the best out of the judges. We’ll miss that awesome turquoise/blue hair too! It’s also rumored that Simon Cowell is leaving the judging seat to go back behind the scenes. So does this mean he’ll replace Kelly Rowland and Paulina Rubio.

Lamar Odom is Confiding in his Baby Mama Liza Morales!

Lamar is planning on spending the holidays with his two children in New York City, which is a great idea considering he hasn’t seen his kids in several months. The kids used to visit Lamar and Khloe all the time, until the trouble started brewing. It doesn’t look like Lamar and Liza are getting back together, although they were together for ten years.

B.O.B. Talks Underground Luxury With the Breakfast Club


Peterson to Play in Today’s Game; Patterson has History of Abusing Children

Peterson has confirmed that he will play in today’s game against the Carolina Panthers, saying in a statement that playing with his brothers is how he is able to handle, yet grieve for his son.

Sadly, the two year old son of Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson has died in a Sioux Falls, SD hospital, the victim of a man his mother was dating.

On last Friday, NFL media learned that the young boy suffered head injuries consistent with abuse.

Petersons father, Nelson Peterson came forward to press and identified the toddler to be his sons child.

The Vikings player went to his Twitter account to address his sons death.

“Thank you to my family, my fans and fans of other teams for their support. The NFL is a fraternity of brothers and I am thankful for the tweets, phone calls and text messages from my fellow players. God Bless everyone and thank u so much,” Peterson wrote in three tweets.

Police arrested Richard Patterson,27, and originally arrested him for aggravated assault and aggravated assault on an infant.

Both the child and the child’s mother were living with Patterson at the time of the death. Police learned that the mother was not at the home, but left Paarerson to care for the boy.

Patterson has a history of assault and abuse on women and their children. In fact, the mother of his child currently has an order of protection against him.

Lincoln County State’s Attorney Tom Wollman says that additional charges will be added to Pattersons case at a later date.


Damon Dash’s Financial Problems Mounting

Troubled music mogul and ex-Rocafella Records CEO Damon Dash unfortunately has more money issues.

Dash has admitted that he owes $100,000 on rent for his New York home, and is therefore facing eviction.

He also owes $2 million in back taxes to New York State and recently was ordered to pay $240,000 to an apparel exec and $90,000 in interest on a loan he took out in 2006.

On top of all this, he also pays fashion designer Rachel Roy $24,000 every three months in child support for their two children.


Jon Wants Custody of his Seven



The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that Michael Jackson took his three children to the Midwest last Monday for a quick visit – first to Chicago, then onto his hometown of Gary, Indiana.

Apparently Jackson was joined by a small entourage of bodyguards and assistants, plus his three children, Paris, Prince and Prince Michael II, for an overnight stay.

A spy reports that no one ventured out of the Gold Coast hotel and Jackson only ordered hot water, milk and juice. (Jackson always travels with his own organic food, bed linens and towels.)
Jackson, his children and staff left eartly Tuesday, before sunrise in several SUV’s with blacked- out windows and headed to Gary.

MJ and the kids toured his childhood neighborhood before flying out via private jet.

In July, Jackson’s father, Joe Jackson, received a key to the city from Gary’s Mayor Rudy Clay. Papa Joe also revealed plans for a future Jackson Museum and Cultural Center and uncovered a new street sign in honor of the Jackson family.

A month later, those plans were put on the shelf due to “various financial issues — mainly facing Michael and the other Jacksons,” wrote Zwecker. A family spokesman said at the time that the holdup was only temporary and the Jackson museum in Gary ‘is something that will happen.’

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