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Dame Dash’s Most Explosive Interview Yet!! Businessmen MUST READ!!!


When Dame Dash talks, you better stop and listen. Not because he’s known to be  a “volatile record label head with a penchant for aggressive persuasion techniques,” as AllHipHop puts it, but because the creative, talent and money  prophet knows good business. And knows that in the business world, you have to take the good with the bad. And no one knows that as well as Dame Dash.

In a recent interview with AHH, Dash not only dishes out tips on how to be a successful businessperson, he finally admits to being the talent sniffing genius behind some of the country’s most talented artists, million dollar brands and profit yielding creative concepts.

At the top of his list, Demand RespectDon’t Invest Unless Your Heart is in it and Don’t be Afraid to sue.

Kevin Hart recently admitted that Dash discovered him, but the shrewd businessman who lives on the motto of “being corporate without being corporate,” also introduced the music industry to three of hip hop’s future game changers, Big K.R.I.T., Stalley and Curren$y.



In this in-depth interview, AHH states,

By the summer of 2010, Curren$y, Stalley and Big K.R.I.T. performed at Dame Dash’s Blu Roc Festival, made music videos with his Creative Control and were frequent visitors of Dame’s DD172 [ ]. By Spring of 2011, all had signed major label deals. By February of 2012, less than two years after first working with Curren$y, Dame Dash was sued for releasing Muscle Car Chronicles following Curren$y’s signing with Warner Bros, which entitled the label to exclusive rights to his music.

“I only invest in my friends. I didn’t invest in Curren$y, or Stalley or any of them. They were just coming around and making music.”

Back in 2012, Dame’s attorney stated “Curren$y’s defection from DD172 caused my client to suffer damages in excess of $5,000,000 to his business reputation.

“All those guys, I gave them platforms, from K.R.I.T.  and on, but when they got hot, I didn’t see them no more. [Laughs] I don’t know, I must be that creative sucker. They all came through, got deals and never came back and broke bread with me. I don’t know, seems like the artists sometimes turn into corporate once they get with corporate,” says Dash.

“On to the next one,” spitted Jay-Z in 2009 on the Blueprint 3. And Dash has had more successful, as well as bad business deals than any media mogul.

Dash is contemplating on suing director Lee Daniels because of over $2 million dollars he invested in Daniels’ The Woodsman and Shadowboxer. 


“I put $2 million into The Woodsman. We got our money back and that was my money to flip for my movies.  Then he asked me to put money into Shadowbox, but that was his directorial debut and I was like ‘I need this money to make my stuff.’ He was like ‘I promise you, you going to get your money back.’ Then he did whatever he wanted to do with it, showcase his directing platform. I even introduced him to the people who funded Precious. He didn’t even invite me to a screening, because he knew he had to pay me.”

“On the movie tip, Lee Daniels is on my sh*t list. He’s anti-Black. I don’t like how he does his business.”

On the good side of things, Dame sold his 50% stake in ex-wife Rachel Roys fashion brand to Jones New York  in 2008. He started DD172 and Executive Produced a Billboard Top 10 Rap Album Blackroc in 2009, started motor oil company called Dash Motors in 2011 and opened his first art gallery in Hong Kong, Poho 66 in 2013. But on the flip side his losses have included Roy filing for divorce in 2009, being accused by Beanie Sigel of stealing $11 million in 2010, admitting he owes $2 million in tax debt in 2012, being sued by Curren$y in 2012 and claiming to be in jeopardy of eviction in 2013.


Rachel Roy

Dash says now he is lining all his ducks in a row, in order to never have to “ask someone to cut me a check.”

He also said that public perception has never influenced his business actions.

And did you know that he actually owns the  Rachel Roy brand?

 “I had to go build the foundation from the ground up with my own money by investing in other companies until I get that money back. It takes a real businessman. You have to remember, Rachel Roy is a $50 million company. Regardless of the work, nobody brings up that I own it. [Laughs] I don’t care. I’m not throwing it around neither. That’s her company. That’s her platform. She does everything for it. But, nobody brings that up that there’s a Black man from the urban culture that owns a fashion brand. But of course culturally, and perception wise to pop culture, they don’t want to make it look like an independent urban man can be in power or have the ability to empower other people.”


Dash also touches on Def Jam’s successful plot of stealing the Roc-a-fella franchise from him, and soon ruining his relationship with then partner Jay-Z.

Read the full AHH interview with audio clips – All Hip Hop


Rob Kardashian Talks About his Booming Sock Line, Business Sense and Family in Intriguing Interview

Whether you think Rob Kardashians sock line is a joke or you’ve actually purchased a pair, this guy is serious about this line and it’s one of Neiman Marcus’ best sellers. And Rob is obviously one of the more down to earth Kardashians.

“My job? I make socks. That’s all I do. I don’t care about the show, ” he said.

This is an excellent interview with the Wall Street Journal. Rob is grilled hard about his line, his business background, his family and his dad.

It’s even brought out that dad Robert Kardashian was not only a top Hollywood lawyer, but started R&R ( Radio & Records) publication oused by practically all radio stations and record labels across the country from 1973 – 2009.

Click to Watch!!


Hollywood… in a Mouthful!!

Sharon Osbourne Finally Admits Seperation From Ozzy in new Book

In a new tell-all book The Talk host Sharon Osbourne comes clean about separating from husband Ozzy Osbourne several months ago when she found out he was back on drugs. She says she even found texts in his cell phone to his drug dealer.

Jay-Z Talks Drug Dealing in Vanity Fair Interview


Jay-Z just gave a very intimate interview to Vanity Fair, where he says dealing drugs helped him be a better businessman later.

“There were a lot of things that I lived in the street that helped me in the music business. I knew what characters not to have around me. Sometimes it’s the people around you – whether they want to impress you or they’re still in that life – they’re hotheaded. It’s really the entrourage that can be the problem. “

He also talked about the new sports management division of Roc Nation and said he really just wanted to help athletes hold on to their finances, because so many of them loose their money after they play.

Mia Farrow Drops Bomb That son may not be Woody Allen’s, but…

In the same issue of Vanity Fair, Mia Farrow dropped a 25 year old bomb recently, that her son Roman may not be  Woody Allen’s son  , but ex-husband Frank Sinatra’s son. Mia and Franks were married from 1966-1968, then divorsed but still messed around. The son does not even talk to his supposed dad Woody and despises the fact that he ran off with adopted daughter Soon Yi and married her.

Miley Cyrus and Mom Open up on MTv TONIGHT!!

Miley The Movement Airs Oct 2 at 10/9c.  Miley and mom Trish Cyrus seem to have a really healthy relationship. Maybe Miley’s not out of control after all.

Justin Beiber

Our favorite celeb douche bag has just reached a new low. While visiting the Great Wall of China, Beiber had his bodyguards carry him, instead of respecting the experience and walking the distance himself. I finally understand what people have been saying such as Wendy Williams, “He’s just a jerk. He doesn’t have common decency,” said Wendy on Oct 2.


UPDATE:”Rush Hour/Crouching Tiger” Star in Huge Sex Scandal

It has now been released that actress Zhang Ziyi has received $110 million dollars over the course of 11 years , allegedly from top government officials in China, who are suspected to have paid the Crouching Tiger star in exchange for sexual favors. 

And the plots thickens as well, as we find out more information on Bo Xilai, the former Minister of Commerce who has already confessed to compensating Ziyi.

In a twisted love affair Xilai and wife Gu are of course, worth billions. The wife and lawyer is suspected of killing a British businessman Neil Heywood, who her husband had many financial dealings with over the years. She is currently in custody for the murder, which authorities revealed was a poisoning.

As a result, the Xilai family, has been under close investigation, which somehow revealed the relationship of Xilai and Ziyi, who at one point was also a suspect in the murder.


June 1, 2012 

Actress Zhang Ziyi (known for her starring roles in movies such as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Memoirs of a Geisha and Rush Hour 2) is in the middle of a huge sex scandal that is rocking the country of China. Although she totally denies the accusations, she has been accused of being paid millions in exchange for sexual favors from many of the country’s top officials.

Apple Daily, the Hong Kong news outlet that initially printed the story, says that Ziyi had to miss a U.S. promo event for her upcoming film, a remake of the classic Dangerous Liasons, because she has been banned from leaving China while an investigation linked with China’s former Minister of Commerce Bo Xilai is complete.

The paper published that the wealthy official has confessed to paying the Chinese actress nearly a million dollars in 2007 to have sex with her. She is also being accused of sleeping with many other government officials and businessman for large amounts of cash between 2004 and 2007.

A rep for the actress was quick to not only deny the scandal as slanderous, but also says they will take immediate legal action against the Chinese publication for their “lies” and demand a complete retraction of the story.

“Zhang Ziyi has been busy working day and night on the set of ‘The Grandmasters,'” they explain of her absence from the film festival. “We will seek justice for Zhang Ziyi by taking legal action against Apple Daily and against any other media publishing these false reports.”

Additionally, Ziyi’s lawyers have sent a letter to the newspaper with the following statement:

“Your allegations concerning our client are completely untrue and constitute a grave libel upon her. In consequence of the publication of these statements, our client’s reputation has been seriously damaged and she has suffered considerable distress and embarrassment.”


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