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Tyrese Shuts Down Rumors of TGT Breakup

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Snoop Dogg Bundles up in Moscow

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Khloe K Looks Amazing


Hollywood in a Mouthful!

Miley, Miley, Miley

Miley is pulling ex-boyfriend Liam Hemsworths card and insists that she wanted to break up with him as early as February. In a recent interview where she talks about writing her No. 1 song Wrecking Ball, she admits that the whole song is about wanting to break up with someone, but not wanting them out of your life completely.

Lamar and Khloe Communicating

Lamar spotted out with friend on Sept 9 close to his downtown L.A. Loft.

Lamar spotted out with friend on Sept 9 close to his downtown L.A. Loft.

Were not sure if Lamar is in rehab at the moment, as he’s been on the down low avoiding paparazzi, but as of yesterday, wife Khloe is wearing her wedding ring.

Oprah Says she Will Never Marry

Oprah admitted to Access Hollywoods Shaun Robinson that she will never marry. In fact, she said she perfectly fine with leaving this world and never being married. She added that both she and longtime boyfriend Stedman Graham believe that had they married, they would not have made it this far. She added that she thought about it while attending the wedding of longtime friend Tina Turner, who actually tried to talk her out of it. The mega media mogul joked, admitting that Graham is a old fashioned man, and that one thing he would have demanded was that she come home sometime!

Robin Thicke Responds to Miley Throwing him Under the Twerk Bus

At the premiere of wife Paula Pattons new movie Baggage Claim, Robin Thicke responded to pal Miley Cyrus comment about their recent MTv VMA performance. Miley basically said, no ones talkin about the guy behind her twerk (Robin.)

Robin laughed an said he and Miley had a ball and he wouldnt change any of it.

Justin Beiber “Funny or die” Skit With Zack Galifianakis

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Hollywood in a Mouthful!!


Khloe K Desperate to get Lamar Into Rehab? Photo Taken from /

Sometimes it seems as though TMZ has it in for Lamar And Khloe Kardashian. They’ve been reporting that the two have been on the verge of breakup since the beginning of their marriage.

Just weeks after a scandal broke out about Lamars mistress contacting Khloe, Now according to TMZ, Lamar has a hardcore drugs (for about 2 years,) and Khloe is trying to force him to go to rehab.

J-Lo Performs “Jenny From the Block” With Taylor Swift

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Fans Have Mixed Feelings About Drakes new Album Cover


Heres cover for Drake’s upcoming album “Nothing Was the Same,” which is now due out on September 24th. Some think that the cover is quite dope, guessing that Drake will talk a lot about his childhood and relationship with his mother ( that he’s been quite open about on past songs.) Others think the cover is wack because many artists have already used the “head in the clouds” motif, not to mention Drake looks pretty “suspect” in the image. What do you think about the cover?


Stacy Keibler was Tired of Long Distance Relationship With George Clooney

The story of George’s life. Love’em and leave ’em. So many beautiful girls, so little time. Once again, heartthrob George Clooney has let a good woman slip by. But what happened leading up to his breakup with Stacy Keibler that ended it all?

US Weekly reports that the couple of two years, hadn’t seen each other or spoken in quite a while. And as far as sex, things had been uneventful in the nooky department for months now.

“He’s been in Europe, she’s in LA,” US reports. And while most girls would be content dating Hollywoods sexiest man from a distance, Stacy Keibler wasn’t having it.

A source told US Weekly, that although she knew George would never commit, she held on to the hope that he one day would.

The two sat down and talked about it and decided to breakup amicably.


Britney’s out With no Rock on her Finger


Britney Spears was spotted out for the first time since her split from Jason Trawick; and is now rocking a bare hand.

The former X Factor judge was spotted arriving at a Los Angeles hotel with a friend on Saturday, Jan 20.

The mother of two wore a light pink halter dress and brown boots… But Jason’s Ring was Missing, as she returned the ring to him last week.


Who Gets What Between Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis?

The devastation of Johnny Depp’s breakup from Vanessa Paradis is behind is now, so let’s look into his net worth and just what Vanessa could get out of the mutual seperation.

Although the couple were not married, they have been together for 14 years.

Johnny is worth $359 million. His assets include the following:

1. a Hollywood mansion worth $5 million in 1996.

2.  the family villa on 15 hectares in the Southern France village of Plan de la Tour worth worth $2 million in 1998.

3. a Quantock Hills mansion in Somerset, England worth over $5 million

4. the family’s private island called Little Halls Pond Cay off the shores of the Bahamas, which has several beaches all named after Paradis and their children; worth $.3.7 million.

5. a private 156 ft. yacht

Some division of assets will have to take place. Sources say Paradis has been house shopping in Beverly Hills and Malibu.

The couple also has the battle of child custody to dread, including shared assets like bank accounts and investments.

We hope that whatever the agreement, the two are able to split things amicably. California doesn’t recognize common law unions so no marital law can be enforced and only a paternity case can be filed, leaving property to whomever made the initial purchase.

As for custody, a judge would likely decide on a 50/50 split and/or depending on where the parents reside.



will ushers new album be about tameka?


The breakup of Usher and his wife Tameka has covered news and gossips sites all week. And most of us have replied to the breakup with a “YES!” Although the two sometimes looked happy together, there was always something that made us think that Tameka was just not right for Usher.

According to sources, this alleged breakup occured months ago, with Usher packing his bags and moving out weeks ago.

“The Grammy winning Usher has been living apart from his wife for nearly a year. Usher’s primary concern is for his children. He is a great father and just wants to do what is right for them. Divorce papers were filed in Atlanta this morning, says source.

The couple has two children together and have a long list of disagreements, altercations and flirting on Usher’s side.

Usher’s upcoming album Monster is now anticipated to have instances of his relationship with his wife, very much like his Confessions album was rumored to have been about Chilli (from TLC.)


Cat Fight!


It’s obvious that PussyCat Dolls lead singer Nicole Scherzinger is put in the spotlight a tad more than the other members of the sexy girl group. And apparently the girls have had enough. The PCD’s are currently on tour with Britney Spears; and while performing in Phoenix, one of the Dolls, Melody Thornton, shouted to the crowd: Thank you so much for supporting me – even if I’m not featured, you know what I’m saying?” Yes, we do.






Katy Perry and Travis McCoy have split after one year.

The I Kissed a Girl songstress and Gym Class Heroes frontman cut their relationship short just shy of New Year’s Eve.

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