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Beyonce's Mrs Carter tour stopped in Dallas last week.

Beyonce’s Mrs Carter tour stopped in Dallas last week.

If you had any doubts that Beyonce was the baddest b**** in show business. You surely recognize now.

It’s never been done in the history of music. 

Not only has she drops her new whole album unexpectedly with absolutely no announcements, anticipation or promotion  from the media, She’s now dropping the music videos. Check out these awesome  music videos from her self titled album, which broke her own iTunes records on Friday for fastest selling album ever AND the biggest debut week by a female artist in 2013! Bey will top the official charts when they’re released on Wednesday morning, with U.S. sales totaling 617,213 copies and worldwide sales of 828,773. 

All the other female R&B singers should just take the year off and re-invent yourself (at the least.) I’m just sayin’.

bey pageant normal_prettyhurts

On the set of  XO.

On the set of XO.


Bey and Blue Ivy leaving Karyn's Restaurant in Chicago on Dec. 13, 2013.

Bey and Blue Ivy leaving Karyn’s Restaurant in Chicago on Dec. 13, 2013.


Blue Ivy’s Gonna be a big Sister!

The mega star singer hasn’t confirmed it just yet, but sources say Beyonce is indeed pregnant!

She cancelled her Belgium show earlier this week.. The first cancellation of her career!

And last night, Bey alluded to her pregnancy during her concert in Zurich.
During the concert, two of Beyonce’s dancers wheeled prams (baby carriages) across the stage, suggesting that the singer is definitely expecting her second baby!


Blue Ivy is a Toddler Now!! Out in Paris With Jay and Bey


Beyonce was spotted having lunch in Paris on Thursday along with husband Jay-Z and adorable 15-month-old daughter Blue Ivy. She’s a toddler now!! We can’t wait to see her develop into her own personality… Via pictures of course!




Hollywood…in a Mouthful!!


Alicia Keys on Wendy Williams

The day after performing at the NBA All Star Game half time, Alicia went on Wendy Williams. She was very excited about being in the show. She talked about her wonderful husband Swizz Beatz. She said they had known each other since high school, so it was certainly not love at first sight. She was glowing talking about him. She also talked about their son Egypt. Alicia says she wants more kids, but she has a tour (with Miguel) to complete before even thinking about it. She also told a cute story about Egypt and Blue Ivy playing together.

Wendy also played her game Fav 5 with Alicia. Her favorite thing to do with Swizz: Sex ( of course,) Her favorite gift from him: a tatoo of her face on his arm; Her favorite pop star: Kendrick Lamar and Frank Ocean; Favorite guilty pleasure: macaroni and cheese; Favorite celeb encounter: Sade.

Rihanna Gets Attacked by Some Loser in a Club

Rihanna had a bloody knee while leaving the club.

Rihanna had a bloody knee while leaving the club.

Some nut threw a bottle at Rihanna in the club! The male was apparently mad at RiRi reuniting with Chris Brown. She fell and scraped her knee and her bodyguard was injured as well. This happened the same night her fashion line River Island debuted at New York Fashion Week.

2 Chainz Poses With the Pigs


Maryland State police arrested 2 Chainz for possession of marijuana. But then the po-pos asked to take a picture with the rapper. 2 Chainz tweeted the photo and said, “Locked me up and then wanted pictures.”

Vincent and Tamar on Power 105



Blue Ivy Goes Shopping!!

Finally! On Wednesday Beyonce and Jay allowed the world to get a facial glimpse of baby girl Blue Ivy!

The couple went shopping at Bergdorf Goodman in NYC on Friday, to the amazement of fellow shoppers who were quite surprised to be side by side with the  mega couple.

Although paparazzi weren’t able to get a shot of Blue while mommy covered her face walking into the store, shoppers inside grabbed their cell phones to snap the first frontal pics of the baby girl.

Blue Ivy is adorable as you can see, with big fat chubby cheeks we’re sure mommy can’t get enough of.

“It’s cool,” a lucky shopper posted on Twitter. “Just shopping next to Beyonce  at Bergdorf, baby on her hip. No entourage.”

Another shopper said Beyonce even hinked at her,  she looked up and saw Beyonce next to her.

Mama Bey looks quite cuter herself sporting a new braided updo.


Beyonce Suffering From Depression?

While hubby Jay-Z was turning Austin out at the SXSW music festival, Beyonce stayed back in New York with Baby Blue and mama Tina Knowles to help.

But on a more interesting note, an inside source says that Beyonce is experiencing postpartum depression, which is quite normal for mothers of newborns. The source goes on to say Bey, has been sad, has trouble sleeping at night and is having some difficulty caring for Blue.

“She’s depressed and she’s losing weight because she won’t eat,” said the source.

If this is indeed true, it’s only normal for the first time mother to be a tad depressed. I mean, her life as she knew it has changed and she now lives for someone other than herself. And with that said, all new mothers go without sleep because the baby’s not sleeping all through the night.

In any case, the Knowles-Carter family is in our prayers. And we’re sure Bey is be just fine. 🙂

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