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Vanessa Simmons Reveals First Pic of her Baby Girl!!


If you’ve been wondering where the other have of the Pastry empire has been keeping herself, she’s been pregnant. But just gave birth (on Valentines Day) to a beautiful baby girl.

The new mommy recently Instagrammed a pic of her dad Rev Runs first grandbaby.

And the father? No other than Wayans clan member Mike Wayans, son of Damon Wayans.

The couple named their bundle Ava Marie Jean Wayans.

20140301-105056.jpgCAPTION:The happy couple at their baby shower in Jan.


UPDATE: Evelyn Lozada Is Pregnant and Huge!!


evelyn lozada

Dec. 11 8:10 pm

Pics have surfaced of Evelyn Lozada and her 20 year old daughter Shaneice in Hawaii on the beach. And Evelyn is huge at six months! A source told TMZ that her and the baby daddy Carl Crawford have been dating for about a year and planned the pregnancy! 

Dec. 11 4:22 pm,

You would think that after  Evelyn Lozada’s  train wreck  marriage to ex-husband Chad Johnson, she would take more time to herself to mend her wounds. 

I guess a little over a year is enough time. But seems to me like homegirl needs MORE time. 

Too late though because not only is she pregnant, it’s by a baseball player. Her baby daddy is Los Angeles Dodgers player Carl Crawford. 

The two have been spotted together on several occasions, yet either have said whether they have  plans to marry, or are even a couple. 

Lozada’s due to give birth in March. 



Kanye Keeping Tabs on Kim’s Every Move

The new mom was spotted making her way back to her car after having lunch with a friend at La Scala restaurant in Beverly Hills on Nov 14.

The new mom was spotted making her way back to her car after having lunch with a friend at La Scala restaurant in Beverly Hills on Nov 14.

Come on now?! Do you really think Kanye West is a controlling baby daddy?  Well, if he is, he has good reason. Because otherwise, baby mama Kim Kardashian would air all of their private business on the internet and on the show Keeping Up….

Rumors are exploding that Kanye is trying to control every aspect of Kim’s life and has her apprehensive about doing the things she normally enjoys, like telling the paparazzi where she’ll be dining, shopping and taping episodes of the show. She’s basically staying indoors a lot to please her man. 

Kanye is reportedly even keeping close tabs on what Kim tweets and even wears!

But contrary to how you think Kim might feel about this, sources say she actually doesn’t mind a bit! She’s so enjoying being home with baby North West, that she’s glad to have Kanye around in any amount. The two are in love, and loving every minute of being together. 


Kim K Tells Khloe to Leave Drug Addicted Lamar


CAPTION: Just recently debuting her blonde highlights, Kim K looks amazing in denim and a Celine overcoat in Paris on Oct 1, 2013.

RadarOnline reports that Kim and Khloe Kardashian are at each other’s necks!

Before Kim went to Paris with baby daddy Kanye West, she told Khloe that she needed to dump Lamar because he is bruising the family brand.

And the rift between the two sisters is so deep that Kim did not attend a family trip to Vegas because of all the tension. Khloe was hosting a party and all the fam attended but Kim, who went to L.A. and partied with Yeezy, Oprah and some others.


Kim K Says North West Will not be on “Keeping up…”

Kim refuses to let baby North be filmed when she moves in with baby daddy Kanye West for the new season of Keeping up With the Kardashians.

Kim is also boycotting the weekly magazines because she is trying to conquer being in the more prestigious monthly magazines like Vogue. But “Don’t bite the hand that defends you, girl,” Wendy Williams commented on the topic.



Kim K Says she’s Finally Feeling Comfortable With her Pregnancy; but Where’s Kanye?


CAPTION:Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian promoted their namesake show Keeping Up With The Kardashians at the E! Upfronts at the Manhattan Center in New York on April 22

Kim Kardashian admitted to Access Hollywood that she was having a hard time emotionally with her pregnancy. But once she felt the bab kick, she totally embraced it and is fine now.

She’d probably be a lot better though if her baby daddy Kanye West would bring his rapping/designing butt back to LA where he should be.

According to Wonderwall, Yeezy’s only been with Kim three weeks out of her four month pregnancy. He’s supposedly working on a new album in Paris.

He has, however, spent over $100,000 for three private jet trips from Paris to LA to accompany Kim to her doctor visits. He even has one on one talks with the doctor.

But what else is ‘Ye doing in Paris, really. Maybe since he flew in to Soho yesterday to kick it with Jay-Z, he’ll go visit his baby moms…and maybe get some proper ” daddy” advice from Jay.

20130423-135525.jpg Jigga and Yeezy met up in Soho yesterday.


Halle Berry Adamant About Moving to Paris

Preparing to take her baby daddy Gabriel Aubry to court, Halle Berry is adamant about moving to Paris with her fiance Olivier Martinez. But not for the reason you may think. Halle tries to be very cautious about having the paparazzi around her daughter Nahla and wants to relocated specifically for this reason. She says (and their kids) are safer overseas where the photographers aren’t as aggressive as they are in Hollywood.

A month ago, Halle had a run-in paparazzi photographer Andrew Deetz, whose known for his agressive and biligerent tactics. Once the trial starts in June, (TMZ reports)Berry’s lawyer will call Deetz to the stand to have him demonstrate the aggressive manner in which he lands stars’ pictures for big money.

“It’s just a chaos and a confusion that doesn’t need to surround where little kids play and where they live and what their world is. It’s just not right,” Berry told Access Hollywood.

Deetz was got into an altercation with Britney Spears’ bodyguards.

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