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Hollywood in a Mouthful!!

Chelsea Lately Cast Goes in on Justin Beiber (HILARIOUS)

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Tatyana Ali Talks Music Career and James Avery on Arsenio Hall

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UPDATE: Phillip Seymour Hoffman Went to the ATM and was Spotted With Large Duffle Bags Before Death

Feb.3, 2014 2:04 pm    Close to 50 heroine bags (some full,) as well as numerous used and unused needles were found as well. Sources say he was preparing for a heroine binge and was basically going to stay in the house for a long period of time and get seriously high. One witness saw Hoffman going to the ATM the day he died, with a man that was carrying two large duffle bags. There is a new string of heroine going around that’s really strong and deadly and is known to shut down your whole body. But no reports if this is the string that Hoffman took. The talented actor was found dead in his apartment with a heroine needle in his arm, sadly. Family says he was to see his three children later that day. Hoffman was known to have had a drug problem for years. He leaves behind his kids and a longtime girlfriend. RIP

   Floyd Mayweather Loses $10 Mil in Denver Broncos Bet

floyd mayweather betFloyd Mayweather is having a meltdown after betting $10 million on the Broncos  at Sunday’s Superbowl.  Your bad Floyd.

Taylor Swift’s Glamour Cover

Taylor Swift is Growing Into a Sexy Woman as we can see in her latest photoshoot with Glamour. In the interview, she says that she’ll never, ever posed or appear nude in anything. Good decision Taylor!


Hollywood… In a Mouthful!!

Ciara Finally Confirms Pregnancy

Ashley Simpson Shows off her Engagement Ring From Evan Ross!

Ashley Simpson (sister of Jessica Simpson) and Evan Ross (son of Diana Ross) are engaged to be married!

Ashley (a thirty something divorcee) just got her ring.

Katherine Jackson Will not get a Re-Trial

The judge rejected Katherine Jackson’s request for a re-trial of son Michael Jackson’s wrongful death suit. Many people believe that Katherine should just give up because Michael life was Michaels life. But mama Jackson is just trying to win her grandchildrens rightful inheritance.
Paula Abdul Severely Burned at Tanning Salon?

Paula Abdul is suing a tanning salon for more than $25,000. She claims she had the “slim star body wrap” and was severely burned on her legs mostly. She said she had to hire doctors to help her recover. 

Bynes Will not be Charged for Bong Incident

Amanda Bynes is not going to jail for throwing her bong out of her New York apartment window last year. Instead, she must attend out-patient therapy. When she finishes, the charges will be dropped. Bynes is still living at home with her parents and doctors visit her weekly. 

Robert Downey Jr Has an Awesome Singing Voice

Gosh! As if he wasn’t sexy enough.

We knew that actor Robert Downey Jr was a way cool actor and sauve guy, but who knew he could “sang” like the best of them, including rock star Sting?

Robert recently rocked out with friend Sting for the rockstars 60th birthday bash, and turned the place out, to the amazement of the crowd.

Will we hear more from the A-List Hollywooder turned rock star, maybe even an album? We sure hope so!!

Click Here to Hear Robert Downey, Jr Belt out With Sting!

Kate Upton’s New SI Photoshoot is out of This World… Almost

SI’s 2012 and 2013 swimsuit model was photographed in a bikini in “zero gravity space” for this year’s 50th anniversary issue.

Sources say the 21-year-old beauty “look like something out of ‘Barbarella'” as she was shot in a zero-gravity chamber while wearing a silver swimsuit and sporting big hair.

Although images have not been released yet for the 50th anniversary, other world reknowned models that have graced the cover over the years will also be included, such as Tyra Banks, Bar Rafaeli and Carol Alt.

20140114-092204.jpgCAPTION: Upton’s Jan 2013 cover of Elle France


At Home With Mariah Carey for the Holidays: Her Kitchen, Living Room and Gorgeous Tree!


Doctors Think Bynes has Schizophrenia; Pics of NYC Apartment Released

Pictures of the hotel room Amanda Bynes trashed have been released by TMZ. This is the room at the Ritz Carlton she had been staying at.

One of the things that Bynes damaged the most were the smoke detectors. She tore them from the wall, as the pics show.

As far as her health, doctors at the psychiatric facility have been given a two week extension to properly diagnose Bynes. But sources say it looks like she may suffer from schizophrenia.

Doctors say that Bynes is extremely paranoid and thinks that cameras are in the smoke detectors that she rips from any hotel room wall she stays in.

Luckily, Bynes’ parents are by her side and seeking a conservatorship over her estate.

But unfortunately, not only is Amanda demanding to be released from the psych facility, but she says she will fight her parents in keeping control of her money.


Amanda Bynes Walks in Court With …

Amanda Bynes strolled into a Manhattan court on Tuesday with that cooky smile on her face and wearing a greenish wig.

The 27-year-old actress sat quietly for the two-minute hearing as her two lawyers stood before the judge, who gave them until August 26 to file a motion and set September 26 as the next court date in Bynes’ case.

Bynes has been charged with reckless endangerment, tampering with evidence and criminal possession of marijuana after she was caught smoking pot in her Midtown apartment building and allegedly threw a bong out of her apartment window.

Only two weeks ago, an attorney for the actress pleaded no contest on her behalf in Burbank, California, to driving with a suspended license and she was sentenced to three years’ summary probation. She still has a DUI charge pending in Beverly Hills resulting from an April 2012 arrest.


Amanda Bynes Gets Intervention After Arrest on Thursday

Amanda Bynes was arrested yesterday at her New York apartment after the doorman caught her smoking marijuana in the lobby.

Police then arrived at her Midtown apartment where Bynes welcomed them into the smell of mary jane smoke. The actress then attempted to throw a bong out the window.

She was charged with wreckless endangerment, tampering with physical evidence, and physical possession of marijuana.

But there’s more!!

Bynes was taken to a hospital for “psychiatric evaluation” before heading to the Midtown Police station.

Hey Publicist Jonathan Jaxson says that this incident is definitely being used as an INTERVENTION for Bynes.

I didn’t want her to go to jail and be charged, I wanted her to get help and be sober for a minute and realize reality and hope that she see that so many care and love her.

Jaxson later tweeted, Everyone please say a prayer that our intervention worked and that @amandabynes has been arrested she will get the help she needs. #love


UPDATE: Witness Says she Heard Arguing and Shots From Pistorious’ Apartment

Oscar Pistorious’ bail has still not been determined. But the Paraolympic runner revealed more details. He says that it was dark inside his apartment when the shots were fired. Yet, a neighbor says that she heard arguing earlier in the evening; and later heard shots, saw a light come on, heard a woman screaming and then heard more shots!

An illustration of the athletes apartment was shown with images of what he says happened. He says on Valentines night, he got out of bed to bring in a fan that was on the patio. He then heard noises, and scooted to where his gun was. He says he did not have on his prosthetic legs. He then scooted in front of the bathroom door, and started to shoot.

But investigators say that how the gunshots are positioned in the door ( pointing down,) there’s no way Pistorious was on the floor. The shots would be pointing up if he was in fact shooting from the floor. In fact, the shots point directly at the toilet!

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