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Casanova Kris  Diced Pineapples Remix

Erica Campbell Help

The one half of mega gospel group Mary Mary has finally released her first single Help.

Maino What Happened ft. Jadakiss (MUSIC VIDEO)

HOTT ISH!! Rico Love Main Bitches ft Plies




Beyonce's Mrs Carter tour stopped in Dallas last week.

Beyonce’s Mrs Carter tour stopped in Dallas last week.

If you had any doubts that Beyonce was the baddest b**** in show business. You surely recognize now.

It’s never been done in the history of music. 

Not only has she drops her new whole album unexpectedly with absolutely no announcements, anticipation or promotion  from the media, She’s now dropping the music videos. Check out these awesome  music videos from her self titled album, which broke her own iTunes records on Friday for fastest selling album ever AND the biggest debut week by a female artist in 2013! Bey will top the official charts when they’re released on Wednesday morning, with U.S. sales totaling 617,213 copies and worldwide sales of 828,773. 

All the other female R&B singers should just take the year off and re-invent yourself (at the least.) I’m just sayin’.

bey pageant normal_prettyhurts

On the set of  XO.

On the set of XO.


Bey and Blue Ivy leaving Karyn's Restaurant in Chicago on Dec. 13, 2013.

Bey and Blue Ivy leaving Karyn’s Restaurant in Chicago on Dec. 13, 2013.


Hollywood in a Mouthful!

TLC Movie Coming Soon

Mark you calendars! The VH1s TLC movie airs Oct 21 at 8 CST.


Kreayshawn has a Baby Boy!

Congrats to Gucci Gucci rapper Kreayshawn and DJ Two Stacks. The couple welcomed their newborn baby boy Desmond into the world earlier this week.

Mass Shooting in Washington Involves Ft Worth Man

Huff Post

Drake Appears on Jimmy Fallon

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Selena Gomez Dating Again

Selena is reportedly dating George Shelley from the band Union J, and recently flew him and the band to Portugal to open up for her show.
The crowd of friends then went to Gomez’s hotel and partied the night away, and George ended up spending the night!

Sounds like these two are getting hot and steamy!

Drop That Zero and get a Hero Sofia Vergara
They’ve had issues for a while. He supposedly cheated on her in the past. And they’re always fighting. But this time, Sofia May have called it off for good!

Sources say the Modern Family star called off her wedding with boyfriend Nick Loeb in front of friends and family .

The couple have been dating for three years, but Sofia is tired of Nick’s wandering eye. A friend recently told the actress that Nick was cheating once again. So now she’s furious once again.

Sofia, 41, and Nick, 38, became engaged on Sofia’s 40th birthday last year during a trip to the Mayan archaeological ruins of Chichen Itza in Mexico.

Miley Breaks Down Over Liam Hemsworth During Performance?

Miss Miley reportedly burst into tears while performing her hit single Wrecking Ball over the weekend at the iHeart  Radio Music Festival in Las Vegas. With tears running down her face, she ran offstage and into the arms of her mother.

But whats the reason? Yes, she’s probably broken up about the ending of her engagement to Liam Hemsworth (last week,) but those could have been tears of joy as well. I mean, Wrecking Ball is the No.1 on Billboard Hot 100. If that doesn’t take her mind off Liam, nothing will.

Actress Katey Segal Returns to Music

The Sons of Anarchy star is about to release her first album in nine years. The album features appearances from Jackson Browne and renditions of songs from Ryan Adams, Gillian Welch, Tom Petty, Ray LaMontagne and more!
Most of us will always remember Segal’s classic character “Peggy” on Married With Children.
But Sagal has had a long musical career in addition to her acting career. She has sung backup vocals for Bette Midler, Bob Dylan, Tanya Tucker, Gene Simmons and others. Sagal has released two solo albums to date, 1994’s Well…. and 2004’s Room. She has also contributed music to the “Sons of Anarchy” soundtrack.
The new album Covered releases on Nov 12.



Twerking is in the Oxford Dictionary and Miley’s on the new Kanye Remix; Meanwhile she Says she’s Just Going Through “Puberty”


So, everyone is fascinated with Miley Cyrus. But in a recent interview with Kelly Osbourne on E!’s Fashion Police, it’s obvious that the Cyrus offspring is not concerned and most likely, just a growing young woman trying to find herself.

She responded to all the hoopla surrounding her provocative antics , such as “twerking” and tongue flicking by saying it’s just a natural part of her growth.

“It’s called puberty.” Cyrus said. “Everyone’s done it from the beginning of time. I’m just doing it , so you’re zooming in on it and you’re fascinated by it.”

She’s got a point.

She also mentioned her weird MTv VMA hairstyle, which is actually a cute pixie cut. She says she does want her long hair back and is trying to speed up the process by “tugging on it every night and taking Viviscal, I’m not going to lie…But I’m going to rock it while I have it.”

You could have left that part out Miley.

The 20 year old singer recently posted a pic of her and some friends, which all happen to be African American girls around her age. Just as I suspected, Miley’s not addicted to the limelight, or on drugs, or a schizo. She’s just trying to be black. LOL

She’s got Jay-Z saying “Twerk Miley, Miley.” Her upcoming album Bangerz (which drops Oct 8) features production from the oh-so-hot Mike Will and Pharrell, with possible appearances from Big Sean and Nelly.

And it has just been released that the starlet will appear on Kanye West’s BLKK SKKKNHD remix. In fact, she skipped her own VMA after party to meet with Yeezy in private. Kanye never showed up to either Jay-Z or Diddy’s parties that night. It’s rumored that the two recorded the remix to be released later on this year.


I had a feeling this was coming…

“Twerking” has just been added to the Oxford Dictionary.

The ODO “twerk” entry reads:

twerk (v.): to dance to popular music in a sexually provocative manner involving thrusting hip movements and a low, squatting stance.

Thanks Miley.


Hollywood in a Mouthful!!


Khloe K Desperate to get Lamar Into Rehab? Photo Taken from /

Sometimes it seems as though TMZ has it in for Lamar And Khloe Kardashian. They’ve been reporting that the two have been on the verge of breakup since the beginning of their marriage.

Just weeks after a scandal broke out about Lamars mistress contacting Khloe, Now according to TMZ, Lamar has a hardcore drugs (for about 2 years,) and Khloe is trying to force him to go to rehab.

J-Lo Performs “Jenny From the Block” With Taylor Swift

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Fans Have Mixed Feelings About Drakes new Album Cover


Heres cover for Drake’s upcoming album “Nothing Was the Same,” which is now due out on September 24th. Some think that the cover is quite dope, guessing that Drake will talk a lot about his childhood and relationship with his mother ( that he’s been quite open about on past songs.) Others think the cover is wack because many artists have already used the “head in the clouds” motif, not to mention Drake looks pretty “suspect” in the image. What do you think about the cover?


Big Sean Talks to VIBE About “Control”; Watch the Drake, J Cole SPOOF!

By now, you’ve heard about Kendrick Lamar’s universal diss to not only the entire rapper roster, but most shockingly to some of his homeboys in the game like Big Sean, Pusha T and J Cole. But you may not have heard the actual verse yet.

The song, entitled Control, is a leftover track originally recorded for Big Sean’s upcoming Hall of Fame album.

Big Sean Control [CDQ/ Dirty] Feat. Ken drick Lamar and Jay Electronica by thekloudylist


In the song, Kendrick spits on how the rap game is all about competing with colleagues. And although competition and even the simple mention of the sport (by Lamar) is healthy, many of hip hops elite lyricists seem to be torn between the truth of the matter.

Check out Big Sean’s Response on how the Song Came About

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HILARIOUS! Check out the Drake, J Cole , Big Sean SPOOF Video!!

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Fans Will get One-on-One Time With 2 Chainz on New Album


There’s no doubt that fans love the “ratchedness” that is 2 Chainz. And this go round, on his second album ” B.O.A.T.S. Pt. 2: Me Time,” we can expect more trap confessions and club bangers, but also a chance to get to know the former Tity Boi on a more personal level.

With three platinum singles and 8 mixtapes already under his cap, the Atlanta native is more of a graduate than a sophomore, but on his second album, we may even learn a little more about life while we ride to the 808 production of Kanye West, Mike Will and more.

“There’s a thin line between confidence and cockiness,” says the college graduate with a Masters degree. That’s why the rapper ( born Tauheed Epps) is brazen enough to have few big name features and more of the extravagant, yet genuine personality that is 2 Chainz aka Tity 2 Necklace aka The Hair Weave Killer, but also a father, an intellectual and one of the hardest grinding artists in the business.

On his new mixtape single with Drake and Big Sean entitled “All Me:”
I wanted to put that song out for a along time.

On his sophomore album” B.O.A.T.S. (BASED ON A TRU STORY) PT.2: ME TIME” in stores Sept 10.
For the last two years, I’ve bensistent with quality and quantity. “Feds” is the first single off the album. For the next joint [ Where U Been ft. Cap 1 and produced by Mike Will,) I wanted people to know I hadn’t lost …my “mainstream ratched.”

The album will be one you can ride to. Got the crazy samples since I been fuckin’ wit Kanye crazy ass.

On the second single “Where U Been:”
“…we did it in Paris while I was vibing off my big brother Kanye. [Its] got a lotta 808. I wanted to put something out like “Yeah I Love dem Strippers.”

On why there aren’t many features on his second album “B.O.A.T.S. Pt 2: ME TIME” and recent comments about keeping Jay-Z off the album:
I’m a huge Jay fan. But when you have a title like “ME TIME,” you don’t want a lot of features. There’s certain steps you take before you fuck wit a nigga like Jay or Andre 3000 and people tell me I’m at that level already, but its just me not understanding. If it was another album, I’d probably have more features.

On rappers using offensive lyrics:
Everyone’s walking on pins and needles right now man. What happened to the 1st Amendment Freedom of Speech?

On whether he’ll ever do more “conscious” songs:
I do touch on them, but in a tasteful way. I talk about…my dad and things that have happened in my everyday life.
When I use a platform, I wanna use it the right way. I’m “conscious” enough to know its a process.[But] People are used to hearing certain types of records from me.

On his most favorite (or best) verse yet:
I think for everyone that didn’t know me before “Mercy'” it would be that one ’cause it helped my campaign. My best verse? No, but it got me out there.

On his favorite moment in his career:
ASCAP Writer of the Year. A trap nigga?…actually got ASCAP…? That was sort of a big deal for me.

Last words from the hair weave killer:
I’m turnt up and blessed. We gonna outwork these niggas. I appreciate you guys…and everyone.

Catch 2 Chainz on the Americas Most Wanted tour in your city. “B.O.A.T.S Pt. 2: Me Time” in store Sept 10. Follow 2 Chainz on Instagram @hairweavekiller.


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