Beyonce Tells fan “Put that Damn Camera Down!”

Once again Beyonce had to scold a fan for… not appreciating her performance, I guess.

Actually, the guy was not at fault and it was perfectly legal for him to videotape the singer with his phone. But we know that queen Bey likes to approve every image and video of herself cause she absolutely hates when people catch a bad profile or action shot of her.

But anyways, while performing Irreplaceable at the Gwinnett Theatre in Atlanta, Beyonce walked down her runway and asked the audience to sing “… To the left, to the left”

But one male concert goer was so busy videotaping Bey, he really couldn’t get into singing along.

Mrs. Carter then told the man,

“See, You can’t even sing because you’re too busy taping.”

“I’m right in your face baby, you gotta seize this moment baby.
Put that damn camera down!”

The man then agreed and started to sing along.

“Yes, that’s much better,” she said afterwards.

I’m sure he’ll remember that long as after his cell phone is gone.


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