Rapper Says Souljah Boy Can Be the Next Jay-Z, 50 Cent, or Michael Jackson

(press release)

When people thought of Souljah Boy in 2008, all they knew was the young teenager from Mississippi who made the global music hit Crank Dat Superman.   Now when people think of Souljah Boy, there’s controversy, criticism, and media hype.  With a renewed motivation after Pop Music King Michael Jackson’s re-captured message, South Carolina rap artist C.KhiD is speaking out.  Using his one voice, he wants the Hip-Hop community to help the young rap prodigy and others to follow instead of helping push mental stress.

“Michael Jackson should be a catalyst for us making need to protect our own in this diverse, one love Hip-Hop culture.  Love him or hate him, something in Souljah Boy made the world like him and we should continue to push him by asking for something different instead of hating what he has created,” says the internet savvy rap artist C.KhiD.

Finding entertainment career success on-line himself at an early age, C.KhiD says he watched Souljah Boy progress from the start.  The South Carolina music artist said he followed Souljah Boy Tell Em from the early youtube rap video “I Got Me Some Bathing Apes,” and  was amazed by the kid’s work ethic.

Amazed by the success Souljah Boy has had, C.KhiD admits the teen’s music is not all to his liking but admits he feels the same about most all of his favorite artists.  In fact C.KhiD made a remixed youtube video for Souljah Boy’s “Turn My Swag On” anthem because he liked it so much.

“In Hip-Hop People analyze Souljah Boy like he’s Jay-z or Lil Wayne.  They act like he’s not supposed to have a childhood because he made his dreams happen early.  Jay-Z was 27 when Reasonable Doubt dropped. Lil Wayne was around 25 before positioning himself into greatness. Souljah Boy is just now turning 18 or 19.  Living life is what makes music great. Be patient and ask for more because that will force him to expand his own horizons,” says the motivational voiced South Carolina rap artist.

Launching Hip-Hop site CKHID.com for his return to the on-line world, C.KhiD himself was a teenage success story.  Real name Rodrick Rainey, he garnered the attention of millions to his image since the age of 17.  Founding the first Hip-Hop fashion site, he has been a successful entrepreneur in the Hip-Hop entertainment industry his entire life. Frustrated at times he admits, he says the life he’s lived outweighs any of those mental struggles with rap industry ways.

“I had lots of help to make who I am. I was rough when I moved to New York at 18 trying to enter business rooms and network.  I thought Hip-Hop was an environment like the streets and it wasn’t by far.  I thank God for people like Keith Perrin, Yomi Martin, Crystal Howard of New Era Caps, and Latrice Burnette for being patient enough to spend a little time on grooming me,” says the music artist on his experiences.

Using http://www.CKHID.com to promote Hip-Hop culture and his music, C.KhiD is looking to push for more success in the massively diverse Hip-Hop music of today.   Declining 2 recording contract offers since age 16, C.KhiD hopes to land a major recording deal or begin touring himself based off internet popularity. Recently invited to perform at the globally recognized Urban Music Awards, he’s one of few artists to have no album and such a strong rap industry buzz.

C.KhiD is an artist and entertainment company entity. Beginning Hip-Hop music in the mid 1990s, the Carolina Music Artist does not limit himself to strictly Rap Music, but considers himself a music artist inspired by greats such as 2Pac Shakur, Jay-Z, The Beatles, Bob Marley, and more. The official C.KhiD website is http://www.ckhid.com while the artist’s simple-store for music is available at http://www.ckhidmusic.com.


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