update: the war for michael’s estate begins

The Jackson family lawyer announced today (TUESDAY) that a will has surfaced and will be presented in court soon. This comes a day after  the pop icon’s  mother  petitioned the Superior Court of CALIFORNIA to be named the administrator of the late singer’s estate.

“My clients are now aware after filings that a will has been presented ,” said L. Londell McMillan. “His various advisers are looking for additional documents.”

Yet, no specifics on the will or details have been disclosed. The very existence of a will and the appointment of an executor now complicates Mother Jackson’s request.

“If there is a will and if the will is a valid will, the whole petition to be named administrator will just fall way,” Novogrod said.

KATHERINE JACKSON said in the filing she was acting to ensure MICHAEL JACKSON’s three children are the beneficiaries. It’s the beginning of a complicated battle for a fortune that includes a lucrative music catalog of the KING OF POP’s own hits, the rights to songs by THE BEATLES, and the Neverland ranch that could one day be a tourist attraction. There’s even an elaborate video production, dubbed the “Dome Project,” that was overseen by JACKSON and finished two weeks before he died.

All this absolutely means a elongated, brutal estate war much like Michael’s mentor and inspiration, the late James Brown.

The Jackson’s could challenge the will on the grounds that their son was incompetent, did not understand it when it was created or that he was unduly influenced.

“There’s no doubt that there’s going to be a big battle,” said ALEXIS MARTIN NEELY, a LOS ANGELES-based estate attorney. “It’s going to be very messy and I don’t see anything comparing to this.”

To make matters worse, few people know all the details of the reclusive entertainer’s financial affairs. His mother’s filing, for example, declares that JACKSON died “intestate,” or without a will. But that is currently in dispute.


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